Save the Televison Show "Undercovers"

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This is a petition to save the television show "Undercovers," that was canceled today. This is an interesting, compelling show, and different which draws all viewers in with its ongoing subplot. I think if you guys would of gave it time and put it in a new time slot it would of had potential. which should not go unfinished because, the show wasn't given enough time to find it's audience. This petition also asks for the show to be moved to a different time slot. When you air the last couple of episodes that are left, to see how well the ratings does then. The time slot for undercovers was too early for the younger viewers, with lack of promotion, a lot of people didn't even know the show was on yet? Chuck, Parenthood, Community, and 30 Rock all have the same or lower viewers than undercovers.

Allow the show's main storyline to finish, do not let its many fans to wonder where the plot was going to go.

Also if you feel that that this show is really not fit for the network, then I ask you guys to consider allowing the show to air on USA network, which seems fit for a brilliant show like this.