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- His Excellency Kofi A. Annan, Secretary-General, United Nations
- His Excellency George W. Bush, United States President
- Honorable Presidents/Prime Ministers, All nations around the world
- Honorable Members, Congresses/ Parliaments of all nations around the world
- Honorable Members, Non-governmental organizations for human rights and/or religious freedom.

Dear Sirs/Madams:

People of developed, developing and/or underdeveloped nations around the world who love peace, social and economic development always recognize and respect ownership and human rights of their citizens. The Communism abolishes peoples ownership rights; therefore, this obsolete ideology has been badly dismantled for over a decade now. The four last Communist countries on earth including Vietnam have been struggling to survive inside their own unrealistic theoretical trap, the illusive Communism.

As soon as religions had been created and practiced, human societies have been successful in helping governments to control crimes. Love has been greatly enhanced. Peoples lives have been spiritually enriched. Societies have become more humanistic and much more people oriented. Therefore, United Nations as well as democratic nations always recognize and respect human rights and freedom of faith for their citizens. Vietnamese Communist Constitution of 1992 itself has also officially assured freedom of faith for Vietnamese people. The Socialist Republic of Vietnam also had petitioned and been authorized to be a signatory in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which ensures basic human rights and religious freedom for people of participating nations. However, the so-called Vietnamese Communist government has never honored and practiced in good faith its own Constitution and its legislation system which had been carefully signed by itself and officially ratified by its Congress.

Catholic La Vang Pilgrimage Center at Hai Phu Village, Hai Lang District, Quang Tri Province, Vietnam is a highly Spiritual Religious Center which has been established for over 200 years. It is located on a land parcel of 235,580 meters square (or 23,558 hectare). The legal owner of this land parcel is Vietnamese Catholic Church whose legal deed has been registered with the government authorities long before the Vietnamese Communists had invaded and taken over South Vietnam on April 30, 1975.

La Vang is also a Pilgrimage Center for millions of Catholic pilgrims and millions of other non-Catholic visitors every year from all over the world because it is a Religious Center of the world Catholic Church and also a scenic center for international tourists. At this Holy Center, Saint Virgin Mary had appeared in many consecutive days and made some miracles to send people her Heaven messages and holy guidance. These predictions from Saint Virgin Mary have been confirmed later by the Catholic Church as her perfectly holy blessings. Saint Virgin Marys miracles which has cured and healed the sick people and the disables have been officially documented in the World Catholic Church in Vatican and the Vietnamese Catholic Church.

After South Vietnam has been forced under the dictatorship governance of the Vietnamese Communist Party La Vang Pilgrimage Center has been required to follow strict governmental regulations such as the Executive Priest who runs La Vang Pilgrimage Center has to be screened and approved by the Communist government. The Center also has to pay taxes and follow many extremely and unacceptably strict and inhuman governmental regulations for its own internal administration.

Recent days, the Vietnamese Communist authorities have started to revoke the legal ownership of La Vang Pilgrimage Center by arbitrarily redefining the boundaries of the land parcel of La Vang Pilgrimage Center. The new square footage for this Center is now only about one-fourth of the original square footage. At the same time, the authorities have brought in bulldozers and many other heavy mechanical equipments to start building hotels, casinos and entertainment centers, etc. on the other three-fourth of the land parcel of La Vang Pilgrimage Center with two purposes:

1- Destroy the quietness and the holiness of this historic religious center.
2- Rob the land to resell to private investors to get cash for their central and local government officials. This is the outrageous result of the systematic incurable corruption disaster in the Vietnamese Communist government.

To deal with the armed robbery of the local and central government authorities, the Executive Priest in charge of La Vang Pilgrimage Center and the local Catholic youths and nearby parishioners have to risk their lives by using their own physical bodies to lie down under those bulldozers to block the advancing paths of the bulldozers to protect La Vang Pilgrimage Land. However, the authorities have been imposing excessively cruel pressure on Archbishop Pham Nhu The, the Priests and the Catholics at La Vang Religious Center to force them accepting their act of gross, unconstitutional and illegal land robbery. The pressure is now immensely increasing day by day beyond human imagination to threaten the physical, mental safety and personal properties of the Archbishop, the Priests and the Vietnamese Catholics at La Vang Pilgrimage Center and parishioners who participate in the protest.

In order to support our poor and helpless Archbishop Stephano Pham Nhu The, the Executive Priest and our unfortunate Catholics at La Vang Pilgrimage Center, we, the Vietnamese inside and outside Vietnam, regardless of our religious faith, hereby strongly condemn the illegal and unconstitutional acts of the Vietnamese Communist authorities who are grossly persecuting their own citizens and robbing the land property of La Vang Pilgrimage Center which has been legally recorded with the government authorities over two centuries ago. We urgently request immediate interventions of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the Presidents/ Prime Ministers and members of the Congresses/ Parliaments of all nations around the word who have diplomatic relations with the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to help our desperate local citizens by demanding that the Vietnamese Communist central and local authorities must:

- Stop threatening Archbishop Stephano Pham Nhu The, the Executive Priests and the Catholics at La Vang Pilgrimage Center and other participating Catholics immediately and permanently.

- Legally recognize and respect, in written documents, that the ownership of La Vang Pilgrimage Center on its original land parcel of 235,580 meters square (or 23,558 hectare) has been legally recognized and recorded with the government authorities for over 200 years, long before the Vietnamese Communist Party took over South Vietnam on April 30th, 1975.

Made in California, USA, July 7th, 2003,

1. Micae Le Van An, Religious Freedom Activist, 919 Hellyer Avenue, San Jose, California, USA
2. Simone Nguyen An Quy, Religious Freedom Activist, Seattle, USA
3. Dominic Hoang, Religious Freedom Activist, Sydney, Australia
4. Vincente Viet Si, Religious Freedom Activist, San Jose, California, USA
5. Nguyen Si Phu, Human Rights Activist, California. USA
6. Isabel Truong, Melbourne, Australia
7. Anne-Marie Nguyen, Toronto, Canada
8. Anthony Pham, California, USA
9. James Vu, California, USA
10. Mary Bui, Paris, France
11. Richard Tran, Paris, France
12. Therese Nguyen, Tokyo, Japan
13. Anthony Nguyen, Tokyo, Japan
14. Francis Tran, Vancouver, Canada
15. Joseph Doan, Perth, Australia
16. Rachel Nguyen, Adelaide, Australia
17. John Nguyen, New York, USA
18 Gregory Hoang, New York, USA
19. Michelle Nguyen, Texas, USA
20. Barbara Vo, Texas, USA
21. Joseph Tran, Texas, USA
22. Alex Nguyen, Aschaffenburg, Germany
23. Maria Tran, Aschaffenburg, Germany
24. Francis Nguyen, Frankfurt, Germany
25. Joseph Olivier-Nguyen, Hamburg, Germany
26. Phillip Truong, Stuttgart, Germany
27. Paul Vu, Florida, USA
28. Kathy Nguyen, Florida, USA
29. David Nguyen, Connecticut, USA
30. Victoria Nguyen, Connecticut, USA
31. Clare Vu, Wyoming, USA
32. Stephen Nguyen, Adelaide, USA
33. Daniel Nguyen, Washington, USA
34. Peter Pham, Alabama, USA
35. Vincent Tran, Georgia, USA
36. Susan Nguyen, Brussels, Belgium
37. John Nguyen, Brussels, Belgium
38. Piere Vu, Lausanne, Switzerland
39. Jacquie Vu, Lausanne, Switzerland
40. David Nguyen, London, England
41. Mary Clare Nguyen, London, England
42. Viviene Pham, Birmingham, England
43. Sarah Bui, Cardiff, England
44. John Nguyen, Portsmouth, England
45. Clare Nguyen-Brown, Portsmouth, England
46. Kevin Tran, Melbourne, Australia
47. Joseph Nguyen, Copenhagen, Denmark
48. Victoria Nguyen, Copenhagen, Denmark
49. Diana Tran, Copenhagen, Denmark
50. Stephanie Tran, Hammerfest, Norway
51. Megan Nguyen, Hammerfest, Norway
52. David Pham, Larvick, Norway
53. Leanne Nguyen, Toronto, Canada
54. Jeremy Ta, Vancouver, Canada
55. Anne Phan, Vancouver, Canada
56. David Nguyen, Wellington, New Zealand
57. Francis Phan, Auckland, New Zealand
58. Maria Tran-Scott, Auckland, New Zealand
59. Yvonne Nguyen, Bangkok, Thailand
60. Anthony Lam, Nakhon Sawan, Thaland
61. Robert Nguyen, Saint Peterburg, Russia
62. Joanne Nguyen, Saint Peterburg, Russia
63. Gilbert Pham, Moscow, Russia
64. Kevin Nguyen, Florida, USA
65. Olivia Nguyen, Connecticut, USA
66. Paul Nguyen, Sydney, Australia
67. Clare Nguyen, Sydney, Australia
68. Leanne Chau Nguyen, Sydney, Australia
69. Anthony Lam, Sydney, Australia
70. John Bui, Sydney, Australia
71. Francis Quoc Tran, Sydney, Australia
72. Thuy Nguyen, Sydney, Australia
73. Therese Chi Kim Nguyen, Sydney, Australia
74. Andrea Minh Anh Lam, Sydney, Australia
75. Colin Tung Nguyen, Sydney, Australia
76. Cindy Anh Phuong Nguyen, Sydney, Australia
77. Matthew Tran, Human Rights Activist, Pasadena, Texas, USA
78. Dr. Nguyen Ba Long, Toronto, Canada
79. Ha Dung, Olympia, Washington, USA
80. Rev. Phan Phat Huon, CSSR, Long Beach, California, USA
81. Le Hoang Phong, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
82. Tran Toan Phong, Washington, USA
83. Dr. Vu Linh Huy, M.D., Caritas Carney Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
84. Ngo Duc Diem, Director of VIVO, San Jose, California, USA
85. Professor Nguyen Chinh Ket, religious dissident, Saigon, Vietnam
86. Nguyen Duc Chung and family, Birmingham, United Kingdom
87. Nguyen Xiem, Human Rights Activist, Tacoma, Washington, USA
88. Do Kiem, Ex Navy Captain of Vietnam Navy, Human Rights Activist, Louisiana, USA
89. Thomas Nguyen, San Jose, USA
90. Toma Tran Viet Yen, Catholic Radio Broadcasting Program in San Jose, USA
91. Le Khac Anh Hao, Human Rights Activist, Vietnam Monthly Magazine, Bristish Columbia, Canada
92. Nguyen Nam Son, Vietnam Monthly Magazine, Bristish Columbia, Canada
93. Anthony Bui Quoc Dung, Washington, USA
94. Nguyen Xuan Tung, California, USA
95.Tran Thi Van, California, USA
96. Nguyen Van Thanh, California, USA
97. Tran Tan Toan, California, USA
98. Nguyen Duy Cuong, USA
99. Joseph Nguyen Tuan, Maryland, USA
100. Tran Nam Binh, California, USA
101 Drs. Ngo Van Tuan, Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands
102. Nguyen Van Van and family, Tacoma, Washington, USA
103 Professor Pham Dang Sum, Institute of Public Administration., Paris, France
104. Nguyen Tan Lac, California, USA
105. Bui Chanh Giao, Cao Daiist Religious Official, Vancouver, Washington, USA
106. Vu Tuan, 4620 45th Ave., Lacey, WA. USA
107. Joseph Bui Tan Bay, Kirland, Washington 98034, USA
108 Peter Hien Pham, San Jose, California,USA
109. Anna Lieu Pham, San Jose, CA. USA
110. Alfonso Huy Pham, San Jose, California,USA
111. Anna Tien Pham, San Jose, California,USA
112. Theresa Hong Phuc Le, San Jose, California, USA
113. Peter John Sweeger, San Jose, CA. USA
114. Paul Vinh Nguyen , San Jose,CA, USA
115. Dang Huynh, San Jose, CA, USA.
116. Ann Nguyen, San Jose,CA, USA
117. Mathew Khoa Nguyen, San Jose, CA, USA
118. Rosa Le, USA
119. Vincente Doan Pham Duy, San Jose, CA, USA
120. Augustino Doan Pham Chi Si, San Jose, CA, USA
121. Theresa Doan Thi Huong, Seattle, WA, USA
122. Maria Doan Thi Huong, Dong Nai, Vietnam
123. Maria Doan Thi Cong, Dong Nai, Vietnam
124. Augustino Doan Van Cong, Nam Dinh, Vietnam
125. Augustino Doan Van Manh, Saigon, Vietnam
126. Professor Nguyen Tien Ich, Anaheim, CA, USA
127. Le Phan Dzieu Linh, Tacoma, WA, USA
128. Augustino Doan Van Tinh, Dong Nai. Vietnam
129. Augustino Doan Van Thuc, Dong Nai, Vietnam
130. Maria Doan Thi Nga, Dong Nai, Vietnam
131. Thai Long Tran Nguyen Binh, Oregon, USA
132. Aladin Nguyen, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
133. Nguyen Hoang Long, Oslo, Norway
134. Francis De Sales Viet Nguyen
135. Theresa Hoang Lan Nguyen
136. Lucia Kim Hoang Nguyen
137. Joachim Thong Nguyen
138. Peter Nguyen, Sydney, Australia
139. Sarah-Anne Nguyen, Human Rights Activist, Sydney, Australia
140. Michelle Nguyen, Sydney, Australia
141. Victoria Nguyen, Sydney, Australia
142. Luu Hien Nhi, Utah, USA
143. Augustino Doan van Tac, Saigon, Vietnam
144. Peter Doan Van Hai, Saigon, Vietnam
145. Augustino Doan Van Khai, Saigon, Vietnam
146. Paul Doan Van Muu, Saigon, Vietnam
147. Joseph Vu Van Soan, Saigon, Vietnam
148. Maria Doan Muu, Saigon, Vietnam
149. Peter Doan Van Vinh, Saigon, Vietnam
150. Gioan Doan Van Tiep, Saigon, Vietnam
151 Theresa Doan Tiep, Saigon, Vietnam
152. Nguyen Ngoc Chinh, Forthworth, Texas, USA
153. Nguyen Thi Sim, Forthworth, Texas, USA
154. Nguyen Duc Chung, England
155. Joseph Doan Van Kiem, Saigon, Vietnam
156. Paul Doan Van Binh, Saigon, Vietnam
157. Nguyen Phuong Hung, Southern California, USA
158. Sam TL., Saigon, Vietnam
159. Theresa Maria Pham, Idiana, USA
1609. Le David, Puyallup, WA. USA
161. Thomas Le, Texas, USA
162. Travis Le, Texas, USA
163. Kimberly Le, Texas, USA
164. Violet Le, Texas, USA
165. Anthony Nguyen, Human Rights Activist, San Jose, CA. USA
166. Dr. Ton That Son, M.D., Norway
167. Doan Van Tuan, Everett, MA. USA
168. Pham Thi Huong, Everett, MA. USA
169. Doan Thuyen, Everett, MA. USA
170. Doan Thuyet, Everett, MA. USA
171. Peter Alexander Maximllien Nguyen, San Jose, CA. USA
172. Dominic Thu Bui, Seatlle, WA. USA
173. Peter Pham Dang Nghi, Seattle, WA. USA
174. Theresa Bui Phung Hao, Seattle, WA. USA
175. Theresa Bui My Van, Seattle, WA. USA
176. Duong Thi Dung Hanh and family, Chehalis, WA. USA
177. CAO HUU THIEN, Tacoma, WA. USA
179. HUA MINH HUNG, Tacoma, WA. USA
180. PHAM PHAN, Tacoma,WA. USA
181. Nguyen Thoi Tru, Saigon, Vietnam
182. Peter Nguyen DDuc Hieu, San Jose, CA, USA
183. Anne Nguyen Minh Nguyet, San Jose, CA, USA
184. Mary- Paul Nguyen Cao DDuc Minh, SJSU student, San Jose, CA, USA
185. Paul- Mary Nguyen Cao DDuc Huy, SJSU student, San Jose, CA, USA
186. Theresa Nguyen Thuy Trang, SJSU student, San Jose, CA , USA
187. Mary Nguyen Anh Thi, SJSU student, San Jose, CA, USA
188. Cecilia Cao Thi Tho, San Jose, CA, USA
189. Phan van Doc, Seattle, WA. USA
190. Tran Quoc Son, Oslo, Norway
191. Nguyen Huu Dong, Koeln Germany
192. Nguyen Kim Thao, Koeln Germany
193. Hoang Minh Tri, Saigon, Vietnam
194. Le Si Nha, Saigon, Vietnam
195. Thai Huu Phuoc. Saigon, Vietnam
196. Joseph Ky Nguyen, Houston, TX. USA
197. Dr. Nguye^~n Vu~ Huy-Tuong, D.C., Tacoma, WA, USA
198. Phung Nguye^~n (Mrs. Nguye^~n X. Thi`n ) Tacoma, Wa, USA
199. Nguye^~n Vu~ The^' Tu*o*`ng, Federal Way, Wa
200. Nguye^~n Vu~ Doa`n Tu*o*`ng, Federal Way, Wa
201. Ho^`ng Va(n Hoa, Tacoma, Wa
202. Chu thi Kim Dung, Tacoma, Wa
203. Le^ va(n Long , Tacoma, Wa
204. Tra^`n va(n Kha?i, Tacoma, Wa
205. Nguye^~n thi. Quit, Tacoma, Wa
206. Do Kien Hung, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
207. Thomas Le, Texas, USA
208. Travis Le, Texas, USA
209. Kimberly Le, Texas, USA
210. Violet Le, Texas, USA
211. Quynh Ngoc Tran , California, USA
212. Ha Tien Nhat, San Jose, CA. USA
213. Vo Thanh Quyen, San Francisco, CA, USA
214. Mr. Nguyen Quoc Thinh, Melbourne Australia
215. Pham Huu Giao, Former Congressman, NW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
216. Joachim Thong Tinh Le, CA, USA
217. John Nguyen San Jose California USA
218. Mary Tran , San Jose, CA USA
219. Paul Nguyen, San Jose, CA USA
220. Micheal Nguyen, San Jose, CA USA
221. Melanie Nguyen, San Jose, CA USA
222.Xuan Tran, San Jose, CA USA
223. Joseph Tran, San Jose, CA USA
224. Tuan Tran, San Jose, CA, USA
225. John Duy Tran, San Jose, CA USA
226. Rosa Mai Huong, USA
227. Hau Truong, Olympia, Wa
228. Paul Le, Victoria, Australia
229. Joseph Bui, Victoria, Australia
230. Maria Vu, South Australia, Australia
231. Mary Do, NSW, Australia
232. Joseph Vu, Victoria, Australia
233. Theresa Nguyen, Victoria, Australia
234. Mary Nguyen, Victoria, Australia
235. Dominic Doan, Victoria, Australia
236. Maria Pham, Victoria, Australia
237. Joachim Nguyen, Victoria, Australia
238. Maria Tran, Victoria, Australia
239. Joseph Martin Mai, Sydney, Australia
240. Dominic Luong, Victoria, Australia
241. Joseph Nguyen, NSW, Australia
242. Ignaxio Mai, NSW, Australia
243. John Baptiste Ke, NSW, Australia
244. Joseph Hoang, Queensland, Australia
245. Anton Tran Manh Tien, Victoria, Australia
246. Luca Tran Xuan Hao, Victoria, Australia
247. Anna Tran Thi Minh Thu, Victoria, Australia
248. Phero Tran Minh Quan, Victoria, Australia
249. Thomas Vu Tran Cung, Victoria, Australia
250. Maria Tran Thi Nhu Mai, Victoria, Australia
251. Teresa Tran Thi Nguyet Thu, Victoria, Australia
252. Joseph Cao D Anh, Queensland, Australia
253. Gioan Le Khanh, Queensland, Australia
254. Joseph Sang Pham, Queensland, Australia
255. Joseph Nguyen Hung, Victoria, Australia
256. Joseph Ho Cong Tam, Victoria, Australia
257. G.B. Nguyen Thuy, Victoria, Australia
258. Gioan Kim Nguyen Duc, Victoria, Australia
259. Maria Tam Bui, Victoria, Australia
260. Joseph Thang Vu, Victoria, Australia
261. Maria Tran Trang, Victoria, Australia
262. Maria Hoang Lan, NSW, Australia
263. Joseph Mai Dung, SA, Australia
264. G.B Manh Le, Queensland, Australia
265. Peter Dang van Tuan, NSW, Australia
266. Maria Cao Chien, Queensland, Australia
267. Joseph Nguyen Tam, Victoria, Australia
268. Maria Tu Bui, Victoria, Australia
269. Maria Nguyen thi Khanh, Victoria, Australia
270. Maria Hoang Quynh, Victoria, Australia
271. Maria Vu Thuy, Victoria, Australia
272. Toma Nguyen Tuan, Victoria, Australia
273. Maria Tuoi Vu, SA, Australia
274. Teresa Tran Thao, NSW, Australia
275. Joseph Nguyen Toan, SA, Australia
276. Vincent Son, SA, Australia
277. Maria Huyen, Queensland, Australia
278. Joseph Tran Vinh, NSW, Australia
279. Teresa Thao Tran, Victoria, Australia
280. Maria Do Nguyet, NSW, Australia\
281. Joseph Duong Tran, Victoria, Australia
282. Joseph Pham Tuan, Victoria, Australia
283. Micae Vu Duc Dung, Victoria, Australia
284. Joseph Tam Nguyen, Victoria, Australia
285. Paul Thuc, Victoria, Australia
286. Giuse Tuyen Vuong, NSW, Australia
287. Anna Tho Nguyen, NSW, Australia
288. Dominic Nghia Do, Victoria, Australia
289. Joseph Tam D Ho, Victoria, Australia
290. Joseph Vang Nguyen, NSW, Australia
292. Martin Tri Tran, NSW, Australia
293. Giuse Nguyen Hoa, SA, Australia
294. Teresa Loan Dao, Queensland, Australia
295. Maria Nguyen Mai, Queensland, Australia
296. Maria Vu T Ngoat, SA, Australia
297. Maria Khuong Do, SA, Australia
298. Theresa Huyen Vu, Victoria, Australia
299. Anton Nguyen Long, Victoria, Australia
300. Maria Hoang Quynh, Victoria, Australia
301. Dominic Hanh Nguyen, Victoria, Australia
302. Maria Ngoc Nguyen, Victoria, Australia
303. Joseph Duong Tran, Victoria, Australia
304. Joseph Tuan Vo, Queensland, Australia
305. Anna Nga, Queensland, Australia
306. Teresa Loan Dao, Queensland, Australia
307. Teresa Nguyen thi Nhan, Queensland, Australia
308. Raymond Nguyen Manh Ha, Victoria, Australia
309. Maria Mai thi Le Hang va 7 nguoi con, Victoria, Australia
310. Phero Tran Nhu Kinh, Victoria, Australia
311. Lucia Nguyen Thi Tuy, Victoria, Australia
312. Luca Tran Ngoc Don, Victoria, Australia
313. Luca Tran Van Dau, Victoria, Australia
314. Maria Nguyen Thi Lan, Victoria, Australia
315. Gioan Baotixita Tran Duc Tan, Victoria, Australia
316. Teresa Do Kim Thanh, Victoria, Australia
317. Theresa Tran Thi Kim Anh, Victoria, Australia
318. Gioan Vu Trung Phung, Victoria, Australia
319. Lucia Tran Thi Kim Anh, Victoria, Australia
320. Phanxico Xavie Khong Duc Tran, Victoria, Australia
321. Maria Nguyen Thi Tra Mi, Victoria, Australi
322. Martha Nguyen Tri Gia Diep, Victoria, Australia
323. Maria Bui Kim Suong, Victoria, Australia
324. Paul Tran Quan, Victoria, Australi
325. Maria Pham Thi Lan, Victoria, Australia
326. Maria Ho Thi Sang, Victoria, Australia
327. Dominic Nguyen Duc Thuc, Victoria, Australia
328. Maria Pham Thi Xuan Huong va chong, Victoria, Australia
329. Giuse Nguyen Van Manh, Victoria, Australia
330. Maria Mai Thi Cuc, Victoria, Australia
331. Joseph Nguyen Thuong Chanh, Victoria, Australia
332. Maria Nguyen T. Tram, Victoria, Australia
333. Giuse Hoang Ngoc Cam vo va 2 con, Victoria, Australia
334. Joseph Nguyen Hoa, Victoria, Australia
335. Joseph Vu Nguyen, Victoria, Australia
336. Peter Nguyen Cuong, Victoria, Australia
337. Phanxico Xavie Nguyen An va 3 nguoi trong gia dinh, Victoria, Australia
338. Ho Ngoc Dung vo va 5 con, Victoria, Australia
339. Tran Van Quang va gia dinh gom 3 nguoi, Victoria, Australia
340. Nguyen Quan va gia dinh gom 5 nguoi, Victoria, Australia
341. Duong Tam vo va 1 con, Victoria, Australia
342. Tran An, Victoria, Australia
343. Nguyen Hanh va gia dinh gom 7 nguoi, Victoria, Australia
344. Ho Thi Da, Victoria, Australia
345. Ho Ty va vo, Victoria, Australia
346. Bui M. Viet, wife and 4 kids, Victoria, Australia

347. Cecilia Phung ngoc Hieu,Seattle.USA
348. Paul Nguyen van Phuong,Seattle,USA
349. John Ngo Toan,Seattle,USA.
350. Giuse Trвn Dan,Seattle,USA
351. Cecilia Nguyen Nu,Seattle,USA
352. Phero Nguyen thanh Lich,Lynnwood,USA
353. Anne Tran my Lan,Tacoma,USA
354. Anne Nguyen kim Chi Tacoma.USA
355. John Tran Minh, Seattle,USA
356. Matta Vo van Sang,Lynnwood,USA
357. Elisabeth Tran kim Tuyen,Desmoines ,Washington,USA
358. John Tran Tuan,Seattle,Washington,USA.
359. Cecilia Nguyen thi Hoa,Seattle,Washington,USA.
360. Anne Nguyen thi The,Seattle,Washington,USA
361. Paul Vo Son,Seattle,Washington,USA
362. Giuse Trвn Huyen,Seattle,Washington,USA
363. Phero Tran Anh,Bellevue,Washington,USA.
364. Nguyen Ruong, 1770 Eagle Drive, San Jose, CA 95121. USA
365.Tran Tuat,1770 Eaglehurst Drive San Jose, CA
95121, USA
366. Jimmy Thuy Nguyen, 1016 Nova Court Milpitas, CA 95035, USA
367. Thao nguyen, 1016 Nova Court Milpitas, CA 95035, USA
368. Maria VO THI MINH, Kirkland,WA,USA
369. Peter PETER BUI, Kirkland,WA,USA.
370. Maria Annie Bui, Kirklnd WA,USA
371. .Maria Kelly Bui, Kirklnd WA,USA..
372. Anne Kieu Hoang, Sydney, Australia
373. Kevin Thien Hoang, Sydney, Australia
374. Daniel Nam Hoang, Sydney, Australia
375. Simon Dinh Van Hoang, Melbourne, Australia
376. Therese Nguyen Thi Tha'i Hoa`, Melbourne, Australia
377. Therese Hoang Ho^`ng Ha?o, Melbourne, Australia
378. Maria Hoang Ha?i, Melbourne, Australia
379. Joseph Hoang Duc, Melbourne, Australia
380. Maria Hoang thuy Duong, Melbourne. Australia
381. Anne Nguyen Mai Phuong, Melbourne, Australia
382. Le^ Tro.ng Die^.p , Tacoma - Washington
383. Joseph Can Nguyen, NSW. Australia.
384. Peter Dang Thieu, NSW. Aus.

385. Anna Tri T. Le, NSW. Aus.

386. Maria Vincent Nguyen T. Hong Van, Vic. Aus.

387. Maria Theu T Mai, Vic. Aus.

388. Maria Tran T Ngoc, NSW. Aus.

389. Joseph T. Hung Pham, NSW. Aus.

390. Peter C.Thang Ha, NSW. Aus.

391. Francis Nguyen Hung, NSW. Aus.

392. Giuse Hoang M Hung, NSW. Aus.

393. Joseph Long Tran, NSW.Aus.

394. Anna Le Thanh Huong, NSW. Aus.

395. Maria Nguyen Thi Lan, QLD, Aus.

396. Athony Tien Vu, NSW. Aus.

397. Anna Nguyen Phu T.Xuan, Vic. Aus.

398. Phanxico Xavie Thuc Hoang, NSW, Aus.

399. Maria Ho Thi Suong, Vic. Aus.

400. Lucas Nguyen Chuc, Vic. Aus.

401. Maria Nguyen Thi Nhan, Vic.Aus.

402. Giuse Ho Van Tam, Vic Aus.

403. Maria Pham Dieu, NSW. Aus.

404. Maria Huong Hoang, QLD. Aus.

405. Dominic Minh Pham,SA. Aus.

406. Joachim Hai T. Nguyen, SA. Aus.

407. Anthony Trung Pham, QLD. Aus.

408. Anna Nguyen Yen, QLD. Aus.

409. Peter Nguyen Dung,WA. Aus.

410. Joseph Nguyen K. Dinh. WA. Aus.

411. Giuse Q.D. Nguyen, WA. Aus.

412. Maria T. K. Loan Nguyen , QLD. Aus.

413. John Tran Minh, QLD. Aus.

414. Augustin Nguyen Tuan Anh, NSW. Aus.

415. Therese Bao Chau Nguyen , NSW. Aus.

416. Teresa Hoang Dung, NSW. Aus.

417. Anna Hung Pham, Tokyo. Japan.

418. Peter Nguyen Viet, NSW. Aus.

419. Joseph.Hao Duong, NSW. Aus.

420. Alfonse Hoang Q Ruong , Melbourne, Aus.

421. Giue Dang Nguyen, NSW. Aus

422. Maria Nguyen Hue, NSW. Aus.

423. Maria Vi Hoang, NSW. Aus.

424. Maria Thuy Vu, Vic. Aus.

425. Juse Nguyen Tuan, Brisbane, Aus.

426.Teresa Trinh Uyen, QLD. Aus.

427. Antoine Dinh Hai, SA . Aus.

428. Joseph Hai Pham, Vic. Aus.

429. Maria Thuy Vu, Melbourne, Aus.

430. Maria Hang Dinh, NSW. Aus.

431. Joseph Hoan Hoang, Canberra, Aus.

432. Maria Vi Mai, Canberra, Aus.

433. Dominic Ho D.Khanh, Vic. Aus.

434. Maria Ngoc T. Ho, Melbourne, Aus.

435. Giuse Ho V. Tam, Melbourne, Aus.

436. Rosa Diep Truong, Vic. Aus.

437. Anna Dao T Xuan, NSW. Aus.

438. Maria Thao Nguyen, Brisban, Aus.

439. Peter Hoang Tam, NSW. Aus.

440. Clara Hao Vu, NSW. Aus.

441. Maria Pham Tuyen, NSW. Aus.

442. Anna Nguyen T. Thom, Vic. Aus.

443. Therese Cao M. Linh, QLD. Aus.

444. Michael Pham Kiet, NSW. Aus.

445. Maria Nguyen T. Hue, NSW. Aus.

446. Dominic Dung Tran, NSW. Aus.

447. Lorenso Ngo Van, NSW. Aus.

448. Maria T. Nhung Pham

449. Teresa Pham Xuan, SA . Aus.

450. Joseph Thong Phung, NSW. Aus.

451. Peter Dang Thuan, NSW. Aus.

452. Giuse Nguyen Dung, NSW. Aus.

453. G.B. Pham Hai, QLD. Aus .

454. Teresa Phuc Huynh NSW, Aus.

455. Maria Dung Nguyen, NSW. Aus.

456. Peter Do Phuong, SA . Aus.

457. Giuse Nguyen V Trung, NSW. Aus.

458. Augustin Thiet Nguyen, SA. Australia.

459. Ha Giao, Tokyo, Japan /scripts/mail/Outblaze.mail?compose&duy_tam&a&&composeto=[email protected]&composecc=&subject=&body=
460. Ha Hung, Toronto, Canada
461. Joseph TheVan Le, 5100 Chinaberry Dr, Arlington, TX 76018
462. Francois Savier Dr. Nguyen Tien Canh, Florida, USA
463. Xuan Nguyen, San Jose, CA, USA
464. Tuong Nguyen, San Jose, CA. USA

465. John Nguyen Minh Hoan, Sydney, Australia
466. Anne Nguyen Thi Minh Thao, Sydney, Australia
467.Nguyen Van Thuc, Sydney, Australia
468. Dao Phuong Le, Sydney, Australia
469. Nguyen Minh Truc, Sydney, Australia
470. Paul Le Thanh Nhon, Sydney, Australia
471. Dao Minh Vien, Bordeaux, France
472. Phan Thi Minh Nguyet, Bordeaux, France
473. Dao Phan Kieu Tien, Bordeaux, France
474. Dao Phan Khoi Nguyen, Bordeaux, France
475. Joseph Tran Thien Chuong, Sydney, Australia
476. Anthony Bui Tien Dat, Sydney, Australia
477. Veronica Truong Le Thuy, Sydney, Australia
478. John Tran Minh Phuc, Sydney, Australia
479. Mary Nguyen Thu Thao, Sydney, Australia
480. Clare Tran Nguyen Phuong Anh, Sydney, Australia
481. Isabel Tran Nguyen Anh Thu, Sydney, Australia
482. Paul Tran Nguyen Thu Trung, Sydney, Australia
483. Anthony Tran Nguyen Trung Huy, Sydney, Australia
484. Elizabeth Tran Nguyen Huy Khanh, Sydney, Australia
485. Andrea Tran Nguyen Khanh Ha, Sydney, Australia
486. Giuse Le Quang Thanh, Perth, Australia
487. Maria Nguyen thi Le Thu, Perth, Australia
488. Anne Vu Thanh Hue, Perth, Australia
489. Kevin Le Chau, Adelaide, Australia
490. Therese Vo Thi Tuyet, Adelaide, Australia
491. Tran cam Van, Sydney, Australia
492. Tran To Nhu Chau, Sydney, Australia
493. Vo Le Diem Huong, Sydney, Australia
494. Phero Dang Minh Chat, Sydney, Australia
495. David Dang Minh Loc, Sydney, Australia
496. Mary Phan thi Cam, Sydney, Australia
497. Giuse Le van Chuc, Saigon, Viet Nam
498. Maria Tran thi Thu Cuc, Saigon, Viet Nam
499. Phaolo Le Viet Khoi, Saigon, Viet Nam
500. John Hien Tran, Sydney, Australia
501. Anna Thu Pham, Sydney, Australia
502. James Hung Tran, Sydney, Australia
503. Paul Huy Bui, Lausanne, Switzerland
504. Peter Hoang Bui, Lausanne, Switzerland
505. Therese Nhu Bui, Lausanne, Switzerland
506. Joseph Dung Dinh, Darwin, Australia
507. Francis Cuong Doan, Taipei, Taiwan
508. Anthony Nguyen, Canberra, Australia
509. Trevor Quan Nguyen, Canberra, Australia
510. Stephanie Huong Nguyen, Canberra, Australia
511. Helen Chi Nguyen, Tasmania, Australia
512. Stephen Long Nguyen, Darwin, Australia

513. Anne Kim Nguyen, Darwin, Australia
514. John Vu Trong Nhan, Canberra, Australia
515. Elizabeth Nguyen Thu Khanh, Canberra, Australia
516. Phan Dong Thanh, Tokyo, Japan
517. Phan Le Minh, Tokyo, Japan
518. Vo Trung, Tokyo, Japan
519. Pham Khoi Thu, Nagasaki, Japan
520. Pham Hoai Thi, Nagasaki, Japan
521. Pham Hoai Tho, Nagasaki, Japan
522. Pham Hoai Kieu Tien, Nagasaki, Japan
523. Francis Dung Tran, Sydney, Australia
524. Madalena Huong My Tran, Sydney, Australia
525. Phaolo Vu van Kien, Giao Phan Sai Gon, Viet Nam
526. Phero Vu van Hoanh, Giao Phan Sai Gon, Viet Nam
527. Maria Nguyen Thi Hue, Giao Phan Sai Gon, Viet Nam
528. Anna Nguyen Thi Tu, Giao Phan Sai Gon, Viet Nam
529. Maria Vu Thi Thao, Giao Phan Sai Gon, Viet Nam
530. Anton Dao Dang Duc, Giao Phan Sai Gon, Viet Nam
531. David Le Thanh Chanh, Wellington, New Zealand
532. Victoria Le Minh Nguyet, Wellington, New Zealand
533. Albert Le Thanh Trung, Wellington, New Zealand
534. Vivienne Le Minh Thao My, Wellington, New Zealand
535. Jenevie Le Minh Thao Van, Wellington, New Zealand
536. Gioan Baotixita Le an Phuoc, Sydney, Australia
537. Anton Vo van Truc, Sydney, Australia
538. Maria Bui thu Cuc, Sydney, Australia
539. Phero Tran van Tai, Melbourne, Australia
540. Nguyen van Long, Sydney, Australia
541. Phanxico Phan Van Khanh, Sydney, Australia
542. Madalena Hoang Thi Dieu Linh, Sydney, Australia
543. Anthony Phan Hoang Trung, Sydney, Australia
544. Victoria Phan Hoang Le Thuy, Sydney, Australia
545. Greta Phan Hoang Le Phuong, Sydney, Australia
546. Annie Phan Hoang Le Thao, Sydney, Australia
547. Le^ Tro.ng Die^.p , Tacoma - Washington, USA
548. Sony Nguyen - Houston ,Texas U.S.A
549. Augustino Doan Van Cong, San Jose, CA, USA
550. Augustino Vu The Cuong, San Jose, CA, USA
551. Joseph Nguyen Van Dat, San Jose, CA, USA
552. Peter Tran Luong, Saigon , Vietnam
553. Nguyen Lam, Saigon, Vietnam
554. Peter Nguyen Van Khai, Saigon, Vietnam
555. Maria Doan Thi Phan, Saigon, Vietnam
556. Maria Doan Thi Dieng, Saigon, Vietnam
557. Augustino Doan Van Ly, Saigon, Vietnam
558. Maria Doan Ly, Saigon, Vietnam
559. Augustino Doan Van Bach, Saigon, Vietnam
560. Augustino Doan Duc Binh, Saigon, Vietnam
561. Augustino Doan Van Cung, Saigon, Vietnam
562, Augustino Doan Van Khoat, Saigon, Vietnam
563. Augustino Doan Van Quynh, Saigon, Vietnam
564, Joseph Le, Saigon, Vietnam
565. Maria Doan Khoat, Saigon, Vietnam
566. Pham To My, Santa Clara, CA, USA
567. Tran Duc Nhuan, Saigon, Vietnam
568. Augustino Doan Van Ngon, Saigon, Vietnam
569. Augustino Doan Van Hua, Saigon, Vietnam
570. Maria Doan Nghiem, Saigon, Vietnam
571. Victoria Vo, California, USA
572. Paul Nguyen The, Fort Worth , USA
573. Dominic Hoang Tuan, Fort Worth, USA
574. Joseph Vu Tien Viet. Arlington, USA
575. Mimosa Agatha MO Vu. Fort Worth, USA
576. Mimosa Terese TINA Nguyen. Fort Worth, USA
577 Tran Quoc Duy, Buddhist, Fort Worth, USA
578. Joseph Hoang Lo. Dallas, USA
579. Nguyen Phuc Minh, Buddhist, California, USA
580. Paul Nguyen Phuc Linh. Canada.
581. Nguyen Ruong, Buddhist, San Jose, USA
582. Joseph Nguyen Van Lanh, San Jose, USA
583. Joseph Nguyen Van Truyen, San Jose, California, USA
584. Le Thanh Tung, Buddhist, San Jose, USA
585. Joesph Hoang Duc Hau, Santa Ana, California, USA
586. Vo Quang Minh, Buddhist, California, USA
587. Paul Tran Van Hoang, Santa Ana, California, USA
588. Paul Nguyen Quang Hoang, San Diego, USA
589. Peter Le Van Hue, Seattle, USA
590. Peter Le Dinh Cang, Ohio, USA
591. Paul Vu Thanh An, Oregon, USA
592. Paul Nguyen Van Sam, Louisiana, USA
593. Terese Phan thi Nu, Canada
594. Joseph Nguyen Van Sang, Louisiana, USA
595. Marie Nguyen Thi Suong, Louisiana, USA
596. Marie Dao Thi Quy, Virginia, USA
597 Joseph Jimmy, Virginia, USA
598. Joseph Hoang Ngoc Tro, San Jose, USA
599. Le Dinh Thien, Buddhist, San Jose, USA
601. Paul Nguyen Hoang Duc, Arlington, USA
602. Paul Nguyen Ngoc Lien, Arlington, USA
603. Joseph Nguyen Thanh Giau, Fort Worth, Texas, USA
604. Kevin Le, Canberra, Australia
605. Quinton Truong, Canberra, Australia
606. Gregory Lam, Sydney, Australia
607. David Lam, Sydney, Australia
608. Anne Hoa Nguyen, Queensland, Australia
609. John Bui, Melbourne, Australia
610. Jeffrey Tuan Doan, Melbourne, Australia
611. Michelle Xuan Doan, Melbourne, Australia
612. Richard Hoang, Darwin, Australia
613. Mary Tuyet Hoang, Darwin, Australia
614. Henry Dang, San Jose, CA, USA
615. Tran Viet Yen, San Jose, CA, USA
616. Nguyen Thi Quang Binh, San Jose, CA, USA
617. Truong Giang, San Jose, CA, USA
618. Kiet Tran, San Jose, CA, USA
619. Hien Nguyen, San Jose, CA, USA
620. Le Van Y, San Jose, CA, USA
621. Duy Tam, San Jose, CA, USA
622. Ngo Minh Hang, Westminster, CA, USA
623. Tran Nam Binh, San Jose, CA, USA
624. Nguyen Phuong Hung, Westminster, CA, USA
625.Nguye^~n Ma.nh Cu+o+`ng, Boston USA
626. Roselyn Mai Thu Huong, USA
627. Peter Truong, West Covina, USA
628. Paul Tran Tien, West Covina, USA
629. Joseph Bui Hung, Victoria, Australia
630. Maria Vu My Nga, South Australia, Australia
631. Mary Do Nhu Thuy, NSW, Australia
632. Joseph Vu Thinh, Garden Grove, USA
633. Theresa Nguyen, Victoria, Australia
634. Mary Nguyen thi Nhan, Victoria, Australia
635. Dominic Doan Binh, Victoria, Australia
636. Maria Pham Thuy, Hobart, Australia
637. Joachim Nguyen, Santa Ana, USA
638. Maria Tran, Victoria, Australia
639. Joseph Luu van Huy, Sydney, Australia
640. Dominic Luu van Tin, Victoria, Australia
641. Joseph Nguyen Lam, NSW, Australia
642. Isave Vu thi Mai, NSW, Australia
643. John Tran van Khang, Texas, USA
644. Joseph Hoang Hung, Santa Monica, USA
645. Anton Le Manh Tung, Victoria, Australia
646. Luca Tran Xuan, Long Beach, USA
647. Terese Tran Minh Phuong, Long Beach, USA
648. Paul Tran Quang, Long Beach, Ca, USA
649. Thomas Tran Cung Doai, Long Beach, Ca, USA
650. MadalenaTran Thanh Mai, Long Beach, Ca, USA
651. Maria Tran Nguyet Thu Xuan, Victoria, Australia
652. Joseph Le Cao Danh, San Francisco, USA
653. Gioan Le Trong Khanh, San Francisco, USA
654. Anthony Pham San, Los Angeles, USA
655. JoanneNguyet Pham, Los Angeles, USA
656. Joseph Doan Canh, Berne, Switzerland
657. Barbara Nguyen Vi Thuy, Berne, Switzerland
658. Simon Khanh Van Nguyen, Victoria, Australia
659. Maria Tuyet Kim Bui, Sydney, Australia
660. John Luat Vu, Toronto, Canada
661. Mary Trang Vu, Toronto, Canada
662. Maria Hoang Phong Lan, NSW, Australia
663. Mai van Thai, Alabama, USA
664. Mai thi Van, Alabama, USA
665. Phero Vo van Bao, Louisiana, USA
666. Maria Vo Quynh Nhu, Louisiana, USA
667. Thomas Vo van Tuan, Louisiana, USA
668. Kathy Vo Quynh Luu, Louisiana, USA
669. Truong Tai, Washington, USA
670. Helen Nhung Nguyen, Virginia, USA
671. Francis Dong Nguyen, Virginia, USA
672. Nguyen Quoc Phan, Alberta, Canada
673. Nguyen Minh Chi, Alberta, Canada
674. Doan Minh, Indiana, USA
675. Doan Cuong, Indiana, USA
676. Trevor Nguyen, Canberra, Australia
677. Stephanie Nguyen, Canberra, Australia
678. Colin Bang Nguyen, Tasmania, Australia
679. Long Nguyen, Darwin, Australia
680. Nancy Nguyen thi Man, Santa Ana, USA
681. Kevin Nguyen Duc Nhan, Santa Ana, USA
682. Andrew Nguyen Duc Thuan, Santa Ana, USA
683. David Nguyen Duc Cuong, Santa Ana, USA
684 Anthony Nguyen Milpitas, CA, USA
685 Ruong Nguyen, San Jose, CA, USA