Volkswagen of America Monsoon Radio Problem

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This petition is addressed to Volkswagen of America

The undersigned people have purchased a Volkswagen vehicle and have been unsatisfied with the quality of the Monsoon radio system with the Double DIN head unit. They have complained about bad sound quality and off balanced sound. Volkswagen of America has issued a Technical Service Bulletin to the service centers that are dealing with customers who have experienced the issue. While the outlined procedure (AKA wire swap) of the Technical Service Bulletin improves sound quality of the radio it fails to address the following problems:

- FM sound is washed out, sounds very harsh
- The Left speakers produce approximately -3db volume than the Right ones at center balance.
- The Fader cuts off the front speakers at the 10 oclock position, sound does not fade gradually to the Rear
- Cracking noise from speaker while adjusting fader and/or volume

Many people have contacted Volkswagen of America regarding this issue however Volkswagen of Americas customer service departments deals with issues on an individual basis and has yet to come up with a global solution. They also will render cases resolved after the dealer states that the radio meets factory standards even though it fails to meet customer standards and they will no longer investigate the problem disregarding customer satisfaction.

You can view a lengthy message thread at so see the severity of the problem.

The undersigned request Volkswagen of America to resolve this problem at the manufacturing level and render solution to its customers, or compensate them for a comparable aftermarket or OEM replacement unit.