Valkyria Chronicles Trophy Support

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Dear SEGA and the fans of Valkyria Chronicles,

It has come to the attention of the Playstation gaming community's that, the video game "Valkyria Chronicles" for the Playstation 3 has not received a trophy update. At the beginning of the year, shortly after the Trophy update was set into place Sony announced that games released after 1/1/09 must include trophies. Although this game may have come out prior to that date, many other games made long before received updates to allow players to collect trophies. It's most likely this also led to an increase of sales for the developers! As of 16/4/08, downloaded content for the game was available on the playstation store, this shows that SEGA are clearly still working on the game, and could quite easily implement trophies into it.

So please sign this petition and help add trophy support for this wonderful game!