Close Walgreens in PLEASANTON,CA.

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Walgreens in Pleasanton,CA.
Amongs the shoddy and misinformed management to the pharmacy who has mixed one medication with another in a prescription bottle without knowing it.

Every manager seems to have a different set of guidelines when it comes to "Walgreens" rules and when they are made apparent to the managers, they look at you with confusion.

When the head pharmacist is made aware of their mistakes, the pharmacist blames it on you for not checking the medication when you pay for it.

It is time for this Walgreens to go away, the FDA is doing an undercover investigation of this particular store but your help to get rid of this Walgreens will certainly help.

Pharmacies are meant for people to get better and if you are standing in a line for 30-40 minutes because they only have one person at the register, its a hard pill to swallow that you have to wait if you want to get better. Then once you do get your medication, you realize there are pills you dont even recognize in your bottle.

Help save lives by helping closing down the Walgreens in Pleasanton,CA on Santa Rita rd. For your safety and for others as well.