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We respectfully request the Ontonagon County Board of Commissions immediately rescind their loan commitment to Wuolo Creek Kennels operated by Tammy and Spencer Ward.

The fact is Wuolo Creek Kennels will be operating a puppy mill, pure and simple. It is impossible for the Wards to conduct a breeding operation at the proposed scale without jeopardizing the lives of innocent puppies and dogs and subjecting them to inhumane conditions. The Wards have no guarantee all of their dogs will be sold to pet stores or loving homes. It is a grave and very real concern that their 'excess production' will end up as laboratory subjects for testing.

We believe the Ontonagon County Board of Commissions was negligent in their duties by failing to adequately assess the impact of a puppy mill operation in Ontonagon County. We further assert that the Ontonagon County Board of Commissioners was negligent in their fiduciary responsibility of taxpayer funds by approving a loan to Wuolo Creek Kennels and Tammy and Spencer Ward.

Furthermore, we ask the Ontonagon County Board of Commissioners to conduct due diligence by fully studying the economic and social impact of a large scale dog breeding operation and consult with responsible dog breeding professionals, shelters, rescue organizations, and qualified experts in this field.