Petition to get Weezer to bring the memories tour to Australia

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Weezer's "Memories" tour is truly once in a lifetime. The band hasn't toured in Australia since 1996, and are well overdue for a visit. Basically, the world has turned and left us here.

Every year it's speculated, or they promise to tour but it never happens. It's about time they came out and the way to make to happen is to be proactive and petition, and hopefully Rivers and the rest of the weez will hear about this.

Here is the info about the tour:

"Following hot on the heels of their just-released Epitaph Records debut Hurley, which entered the Billboard 200 at #6 and marked their sixth consecutive Top 10 album release, Grammy Award-winning alternative rock band Weezer have announced the details of "The Memories Tour" Driven by State Farm. Beginning on Friday, November 26th, the band will perform four very special residencies in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston and New York, during which they will play two classic albums in their entirety.
On the first night of each two-date residency, the band will perform their triple-platinum 1994 debut Weezer (aka "The Blue Album") from start to finish, followed by a set of greatest hits including songs from Hurley. On the second night, they'll perform 1996's follow-up and fan favorite Pinkerton, followed by a different set of greatest hits and songs from Hurley."

Please take the time to sign this petition. It'll be amazing to see them live.