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It is first and foremost that I note that Tatsuko Muraoka is a fictional name. However, the person behind the pseudonym actually exists and is real. Muraoka confided in me to do whatever it takes to find out the opinions of the general population in whatever way I can on a very serious matter that will affect everyone, even those who do not even know this petition exists. Muraoka is using this petition to increase awareness of discoveries that the reality of a universe extinction" is real and he has devised the methodology to make it real. The undersigned of this petition will be considered by Muraoka as to whether to implement the technology he has devised that will affect all of humanity if used and the undersigned represent those who have seriously considered the reality of this technology and what it means for the future of all beings residing in the universe. The undersigned, if they are serious about the considerations to take into account, have the option to provide their own intelligent opinions on why they agree or disagree with Tatsuko Muraoka's view on the universe as a virus and why it is important that the technology he devised to destroy the universe be implemented.

Tatsuko Muraoka, a scientist at a leading university in Japan has developed a machine that will essentially cause the destruction of the universe. The highly sophisticated machine known as the X35 is result of its predecessor, a machine that Muraoka made that successfully decompiled matter into oblivion (considered impossible by so-called scientific axioms.) This was accomplished by disrupting the relations within the space that the matter occupied to where the matter had no relational footholds to allow its existence. The relations were actually interactions of energy communicating not in the gross physical dimensions that we are able to acknowledge, but through collapsed dimensional space, unseen by the naked eye or even the most powerful microscopes, which Muraoka discovered were where quantum representations of where the laws of physics reside. Muraoka coined this destruction of matter Energy Relation Disruption. Muraoka did not publish these findings. The machine that accomplished this feat was succinctly dubbed Y39.

This led to the discovery of a similar concept that could be applied to the zero-point electromagnetic field that envelops everything in the known universe. The destruction of the universe, Muraoka proposed in his detailed writings, can be accomplished by disrupting the zero-point electromagnetic field that sustains the universe using a machine devised by Muraoka based around the concepts used to destroy matter with the Y39. After making several discoveries in quantum physics that have remained closely guarded secrets, Muraoka realized this field could be used to annihilate the working order of the universe using a special technique to create what Muraoka calls Anti-Inhibitory Fields, which would essentially cause irrevocable "errors" in the zero-point electromagnetic field.

The zero-point electromagnetic field would then spike through dimensions that have been collapsed during the origin of the universe that safely store the laws governing the universal order. These collapsed dimensions allow for life as we know it to occur because they carry the information on the laws that the universe is governed that allow for continuity and stability. The Anti-Inhibitory Fields created by the X35 would cause collapsed dimensions to expand and create a local imbalance that would spread throughout the entire universe at a rate approximately twice as fast as the speed of light squared to the inverse of the rate of expansion of the collapsed dimensions. This will lead to a catastrophic destruction of the universe itself because the laws of physics as we know them would break down as the collapsed dimensions expand and the quantum information of these laws begins to unravel. Thus, the continuity and stability of the universe would be disrupted resulting in its destruction.

Muraoka, however, theorizes that outside our universe is actually another universe that exhibits completely different behaviors. If the universe we inhabit does cease to exist as we know it, in the manner he has devised, not only is there the possibility of it affecting other larger systems than our known universe, but could disrupt the very core creative construct that caused the universe to originate in the first place. This could lead to unfathomable consequences. While Muraoka and his colleagues will agree that while the machine will indeed destroy the universe, the effect on systems outside of the known universe will be a total mystery. The undersigned have taken this into consideration.

This undersigned of this petition represent those who are serious about their deep desire to destroy the universe or to allow it to keep existing. Those who have signed that they agree with the destruction of the universe are not calling for the destruction to malign humanity or existence, but acknowledge that nature we abide in behaves as a self-perpetuated virus that needs to be eradicated. Muraoka believes the virus, though very unconscious in its behavior has a built-in exit strategy for itself so that it will self-destruct when factors within the system create an individual component (or conscious being) within the system who becomes aware that its nature is a detriment rather than of any intrinsic value. However, Muraoka believes that the public opinion will ultimately have to decide the universe's fate since he is not its only inhabitant and respects the desires of the world at large. The names in this petition who agree with the destruction of the universe represent individuals who acknowledge the universe as a virus with an implied goal, which was to create the necessary conditions for life to operate as it normally would until it lead to the discovery of itself and its true nature as a virus. At that point, it would reveal to a component of itself (a conscious being or beings) facts that would allow for its destruction.

The undersigned have the option to indicate whether they believe that this discovery of the universe as a virus among its constituent components (conscious beings) coincides directly with the discovery of the self-destructive mechanism inherent within the virus and this correlation represents a means to an end and possibly a justification for carrying out the destruction of the universe. Further, the undersigned have considered the possibility that the dissolution of the virus that acts in a symbiotic manner to sustain itself may act as a catalyst to progress to a higher order of being and break the cycle of fear imposed on itself to perpetuate its existence that lead up to a vital moment in history, where the destruction/preservation of the universe is in the hands of those conscious of it.