Bring us a new Star Wars: X-Wing game

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From the original release of X-Wing in 1993 to the more recent release of X-Wing Alliance in 1999, the X-Wing series has managed to capture the hearts of gamers all over the world. Regarded by many as the best space simulation game series ever made, X-Wing has allowed Star Wars fans to re-enact epic battles, and take part in full scale campaigns to escape the rule of the empire or crush the rebellion. Other fans have gone so far as to create full-scale custom campaigns for this series letting the fight for the galaxy rage on.

While all of us have had countless hours of fun playing these games, we find that we have run into the limits of what these games have to offer. We find that we want to fly in larger epic battles, and take part in more campaigns with even more players. It is with this in mind that we ask LucasArts to create a new X-Wing game utilizing the latest technology to satisfy our needs.