The Linux Printer Driver

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    All Printer Manufacturers not supporting the Linux Operating System
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Dear Printer Manufacturers,

We, the Undersigned, are sick of your unprofessional attitude toward the users of the Linux operating system. You often state that you do not support Linux because "At this time, the low user base of Linux does not merit the expense of developing our software to fit those needs." This petition sets to correct your gross miscalculation. After viewing the numbers of users that have signed this petition, perhaps you might want to reconsider.

We would like you, the manufacturer; to reacquaint yourselves to the fact that WE are the consumers...therefore, WE dictate the rise and fall of the market. WE push a product or pull it. The ball is in our court. Let this petition serve as a notification and can show your intention at bringing resolution to this matter by releasing drivers for Linux or open sourcing your current stock of drivers...or you can ignore it and paint a target on yourselves for a Linux wide boycott of your products.