Bring Back The OC!!

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    Josh Schwartz, Dawn Ostroff (President of CW), Dave Bartis, Bob DeLaurentis, Doug Liman, McG, Stephanie Savage, Fox Network,The CW network , The Fans
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I Thomas Posler am here on behalf of all The OC fan's worldwide to say, to say how much i miss this show, it is April 13, 2011. The OC ended in February of 2007, so as you can see its been over FOUR YEARS without this beautiful show. I as well as so many others, can't take it!! So i am here to take a stand, and be heard from all over, that we need to bring it back!

The OC was one of the best American teen drama shows on cable. It portrayed the fictional lives of a group of teenagers and their families residing in Newport Beach in Orange County, California, with the main characters being Benjamin McKenzie, Mischa Barton, Adam Brody, and Rachel Bilson better known as Ryan, Marissa, Seth, and Summer. Through the years of the show (2003-2007) I was in high school, and what was great about the show is that all of us could relate to them and relate with what they were going through, rather it was relationships, fighting, family issues, running away, getting into trouble, etc.. anybody could relate to the show.

Not to mention The OC has been broadcasted in more then 50 countries worldwide. It was one of the most popular new drama's of 2003, which attracted 9.7 million viewers, just for its first season. Though throughout the season it did lose viewers, but with 92 episodes and only 4 seasons, it got cancelled because they killed off one of the main characters, Mischa Barton, aka Marissa, which was a big mistake! The fourth season just couldn't hold it together without her, even though i hated the killing off of Marissa, i still watched the show and loved it, but when i found out it was getting cancelled, i was more then shocked, it was just one AMAZING show, and i can never look at a show the same way again.

The OC didn't just help out us crazed fan's, it helped bands get known and even famous. Some indie rock band's were introduced such as The Walkmen, The Killers, Modest Mouse, The Thrills, Rachael Yamagata, Death Cab for Cutie, The Subways, and it also PREMIERED new singles from these artists, Beastie Boys, U2, Beck, Coldplay, Gwen Stefani, and The Shins. It got Rooney and Imogen Heap known and very popular, so the OC soundtrack Cd's were a hit, they were great and i bought every single CD. it also lead to Laguna beach on MTV, which was apparently the "real OC".. and that show caused people to get known and have there own spinoff show, The Hills. Even More season of Laguna beach, so that being said it was hand's down an overall great produced show. And now that it got cancelled, josh Schwartz made Gossip Girl, on the CW. I tried watching it, just cause i saw that he produced it, but i couldn't ever get into the show. It just wasn't the same as the OC, the chemistry with the Gossip Girl cast wasn't good, i didn't feel any of it, while as the OC, the chemistry was amazing, that's why the cast members even dated in real life. You could call me the OC's biggest fan, because i definitely am, and therefore that is why i took the time to make this petition.

So Please josh, and producers of CW or fox, bring back the OC!! Just act as the season four was one big dream/nightmare to Ryan, and then just continue it from there, with no Marissa getting killed off, and no earthquake destroying the house!! It's a great start for you to continue from there with many ideas, its the best move!! You could get all your viewers back, it would be the greatest decision you made since you created the OC josh, and yes i hear talk of maybe making a spin off show, that would be fine, i mean if you cant bring back the OC at all, a spinoff would be perfectly fine.

So im asking everyone, including you die hard OC fan's please make a stand and sign this petition if you agree!!