Rush To Tour Australia in 2007

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    SRO/ Anthem Entertainment Ray Daniels, Shelly Nott, Geddy Lee. Alex Lifeson Neil Peart
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    International Rush fans
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Ray Daniels
Shelly Nott
Geddy Lee
Alex Lifeson
Neil Peart
Rush c/o SRO Anthem Entertainment
189 Carlton Street
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5A 2K7

Dear Sirs/Madam:

Since 1974, Rush has been a innovative force in Progressive Rock
and Roll Music. Their music has influenced at least 2 generations of
musicicans to become crafted in their talents.
It is the fans of Rush that have made the band's music stand the test of time. Many rush fans have come from all corners of the globe to attend at least one Rush concert in their lifetime, whether it is in Toronto, New York, London, Tokyo, or even Rio De Janero. However, we Rush fans feel that there is another place where Rush fans have been long neglected- Australia, Home of AC/DC, INXS, Kylie Minogue, among other Aussie acts.

It would be gratefully appriciated for Rush fans, not only in Australia, but Worldwide, to see the band embark on along overdue tour of Australia- and possibly New Zealand- in 2007. We look forward with great anticipation for this to occur. We want to thank Geddy, Alex, and Neil for making your music a part of our lives and we will hopefull see you perform in Australia next year.

Thank You,

The International fans of Rush