Stop Clark Public Utility's Killing of Monk Parakeets

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    The Mayor and Council of Yacolt, Washington and Clark Public Utility
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On November 27th, 2007, Clark Public Utility attempted an eradication program of the wild Monk Parakeets (aka Quaker Parrots). They trapped three birds from their nest as they slept and suffocated them, utilizing carbon monoxide in a gas chamber.

Recognizing that their efforts to trap the parrots failed, Clark PU returned the following day with rifles and began shooting at the few remaining parrots - in the presence of protesters, some of whom were young children.

Public outcry ensued, and a meeting was held at Town Hall on December 3rd. Dean Sutherland, a representative from Clark PU agreed to cease efforts to kill the few remaining birds for four months to give rescuers time to come up with a solution, stating, 'The parrots have to go".

Despite their claim that they have stopped killing, Clark PU continues to remove nests as soon as they are built, leaving the parrots homeless and exposed to the harsh winter weather, effectively causing them to die a slow and uncomfortable death.

We the undersigned object to the inhumane manner in which the Clark Public Utility and the town of Yacolt have handled the issue of wild parakeets living in their community.

We believe that more thought and more humane methods can and should be used to control the population of wild Monk Parakeets.

We demand that nests are not removed during the harsh winter months and that nest maintenance program be initiated that does not cause the parrots to suffer or be treated in an inhumane fashion.

We are asking for a judgment declaring that the law requires Clark PU to implement routine maintenance and prevent nesting, and a permanent injunction against the capturing and killing of the monk parakeets.

We believe that maintaining the public trust requires a redirection of resources from the tormenting of the birds to an enlightened response, one that rejects killing or experimenting on the birds or holding them captive.

We call upon the Mayor and Council of Yacolt to enact a resolution to cease and desist Clark PU's cruel and inhumane practice of nest removals in the winter and to adopt a nest maintenance program that will afford the wild parrots humane treatment and allow the community of Yacolt to continue to respect and enjoy nature.