Funding for RSD Research

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    U.S. Surgeon General
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All over America, thousands of people are suffering from chronic pain. Many of these patients have been diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD).

RSD is a chronic pain condition usually caused by a trauma injury. It is diagnosed when pain has continued long past recovery, disproportionate to the original injury, with no apparent physical source. Common symptoms include burning pain, swelling, temperature and color changes in the affected area, and extreme sensitivity to sound, touch, and texture. The majority of patients are female, diagnosed between the ages of eleven and fourteen.

Few people know about or understand RSD, and many doctors continue to deny its existence. This disease is, however, a nationwide phenomenon affecting approximately two to four out of every thousand teens.

To date, no cure has been found for this condition. As with so many other diseases, the cure is within reach of researchers if they only had the funds to do what they do best. We hereby petition the Surgeon General to allocate more funding to the research of this disabling chronic pain syndrome.