Anti 4Kids Voice Actors In Sonic Games

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    North American Sonic The Hedgehog Fans
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You know the drill. Sega has fired the Sonic voice actors and are replacing them with the pathetic scum from 4Kids. Besides Mike Pollock ( The only good voice actor, and a great on at this ), this is disgraceful. The Sonic voice actors didn't even know of this untill Ryan recently inquired about when they would be needing him to do Sonic's voice in "Shadow The Hedgehog". They basicly told him he had been replaced by the guy from Sonic X, another roll that was ment to be Ryan's that was taken away from him ( Because cheap ass 4Kids didn't want to bother flying him in ).

Let Sega know you're upset. Let 'em know that you refuse to purchase any crap with Lisa Ortiz squeeking annoyingly or Dan Green pathically attempting to sound "cool". We're the fans. We're the consumers. We're the ones keeping them in business. I'm pretty damn sure we have the right to voice out against this disgusting distasteful idea. Sign.