Induct Adrian Belew into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2009

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It is the intention of this petition to increase the awareness to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Selection Committee, regarding the long overdue induction of the internationally esteemed and legendary singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer ADRIAN BELEW, into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2009.

As consumers and fans of the many genres of Rock Music, we wish to demonstrate to the Selection Committee, that the fans, friends, and colleagues of Adrian Belew eagerly await his thoroughly deserved inclusion into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

We believe that Adrian Belew has rightly earned his place in the illustrious Hall of Fame, and we will endeavor to display this in the following snapshot of the incredible life and career of this man, who is not only an incredibly talented and prolific musician, but is without a doubt, THE most genuine, caring and illuminating performer to have ever graced the stage.


The career of guitar visionary Adrian Belew has been an inventive musical odyssey. Combining his virtuosic guitar playing and multi-dimensional vocals, with the complete lexicon of electronically produced animal sounds and symphonic musical instruments, Adrian has mastered the ability to journey into the avant-garde while still anchoring his compositions to the fundamental driving forces of pop and rock, often playing along the outer edges of contemporary music in ways that have been at times punky, new wave, comedic, bizarre, and twisted.

As one recent audience member put it, after attending a recent Adrian Belew Power Trio gig in Tampa on August 24th, 2007, there are many long moments in Adrians set that get really crazy. Seriously atonal and dissonant, with insane polyrhythmic chaos going on....

Renowned as a wizard of sonic manipulation and texture, Adrian Belew is a self-proclaimed stunt-guitarist. He is constantly seeking new ideas and forms within his music to express his growing and ever evolving creativity. Adrian has continued to explore the outer limits, both acoustically, or more typically, employing a full range of techno-heavy effects, to deliver his sound. More than any other musician, he tirelessly explores the sonic possibilities of the electric guitar. Adrian is blessed with the un-canny ability to write incredible songs, provide the perfect vocal interpretation, all the while juggling his collection of gadgets, knobs, and pedals, whilst blowing our minds with his absolutely breathtaking guitar gymnastics. He is liberal in the use of the whammy bar, the echo delay, and several other devices. And his sound is large, by turns screaming, growling, oozing, spacey, precise, and futuristic. He keeps us mesmerized with his mixed and matched genres, popping from pop-rock to avant-garde with ease - always multitasking always discovering and re-inventing, always pushing the envelope.


For nearly 40 years, Adrian has been a quietly influential musical chameleon. Not unknown to him is the fate of the well-known sideman; the moderately successful solo artist; the reliable fill-in performer: relative anonymity to mainstream fans, and legendary status to the obtusely devoted.

Sideman to the stars: his name may not ring a bell to the majority of music fans, but Adrian Belew has made a career of adding his considerable skills to other people's music. Adrian has been the guitarist of choice for the art-rock crowd, playing with such Headliners as: Frank Zappa, Talking Heads, David Bowie, Laurie Anderson, and since 1981, the fathers of progressive rock, King Crimson.

Adrians musical journey spans the cosmos, from his early beginnings as a young drummer with a penchant for The Beatles, before finally discovering and developing his self-taught prowess on the guitar. He was discovered by Frank Zappa, who took a virtual unknown, who was still a little green around the edges - and could not read music, under his tutelage and thoroughly awakened the underlying musical creativity and curiosity within Adrians soul.

Whilst on tour with Zappa, Adrian was noticed by David Bowie, who asked him to join his band. Whilst touring with David Bowie, Adrian was met by the Talking Heads, and eventually recorded and toured with them. On his first day of the Talking Heads tour, Adrian met Robert Fripp, who asked him to join the newly reforming King Crimson. Along with Robert Fripp, Adrian took King Crimson from a 70s prog-rock artifact to a blueprint for brilliant guitar-based avant-garde music.


FRANK ZAPPA inducted in 1995
Adrian toured with Frank Zappa in 1977
- Baby Snakes DVD (1979)
- Sheik Yerbouti (1979)
- You cant do that on stage anymore Vol. 1 (1988)
- You cant do that on stage anymore Vol. 6 (1992)

DAVID BOWIE inducted in 1996
Adrian toured with David Bowie - The Low & Heroes Tour in 1978
- Stage (1978)
- Lodger (1979)
- Another Face (1981)
- Sound + Vision (1989)
Adrian toured with David Bowie Sound & Vision Tour in 1990
- Alternate Biography (1997)
- Sound + Vision 2003 boxed set (2003)

PAUL SIMON inducted in 2001
- Graceland (1986)
- Rhythm of the Saints (1990)
- Paul Simon: 1963 1993

TALKING HEADS inducted in 2002
Adrian toured with the Talking Heads Remain in Light Tour in 1980
- Remain in Light (1980)
- The name of the band is.. (1980)


Even after sharing the limelight with all these incredible musicians, Adrian Belew remains one of the most underrated and woefully overlooked musicians of recent times. Like all great artists/guitarists, Adrian has his own recognizable style and sound, but unlike many others, he has achieved an incredible versatility, and an ability to make his signature style fit into a wide variety of musical genres: hard rock, funk, new wave, experimental, Beatlesque pop, avant-garde and prog-rock, just to name a few.

Says Adrian, "My style, if you want to call it that, is to have no particular style. If someone asks me to be a part of their music, I can offer them five different types of ideas, and five different things to chose from. I think that's what has kept me viable through a few generations of music."

This versatility has led to Adrian becoming actively sought out by some of the best musicians in the world, over a wide variety of styles and genres, to play on and/or produce their records. As a result, Adrian has directly, and indirectly, influenced a wide range of performers, professional musicians, plus regular guitar playing fans and enthusiasts alike:-

Frank Zappa Sheik Yerbouti (1979); Baby Snakes (1983)
David Bowie Stage (1978); Lodger (1979); Another Face (1981)
Talking Heads Remain in Light (1980); The name of this band is. (1982)
Paul Simon Graceland (1986); Rhythm of the saints (1990); 1964 - 1993
Laurie Anderson Mister Heartbreak; Home of the Brave (video) (1986)
Robert Palmer Maybe its live (1982)
Joe Cocker Sheffield Steel (1982)
Jerry Harrison Red and the black (1981)
Loan Armatrading The Key (1983)
Jean-Michel Jarre Zoolook (1984)
Nine Inch Nails Downward Spiral
Tom Tom Club Tom Tom Club (1981)
Garland Jeffreys Escape artist (1981)
David Bryne Catherine Wheel (1981)
Tori Amos,
The Raisins Raisins (1994)
Mike Oldfield Earth Moving (1989); One glance is holy (1989)
Peter Wolf Lights out (1983)
Bela Fleck and The Flecktones,
Herbie Hancock,
David Byrne,
The Bears The Bears (1987); Rise and Shine (1988);
Cyndi Lauper Shes so unsusual; True Colours (1986)
Caifanes/Jaguares Historia (1997); El Silencio (1992)
Hard Rain Hard Rain (1998)
Bentmen Patient Zero
Jars of Clay Jars of Clay (1995)
Sara Hickman Necessary Angels
Ryuichi Sakamoto Soundbytes; left handed dream (1981)
Seltzer Seltzer
Zimbabwe legit Zimbabwe legit (1992)
The Elvis Brothers Adventure Time (1985)

And Adrian has guested onstage with others including Umphreys McGee, Tool, Primus, and Porcupine Tree.


Adrian Belew is many things exceptionally gifted experimental guitarist, flamboyant sideman, producer, prog-rock icon and all-round funny, generous and decent human being - but one thing he isn't, is artistically slothful.

Adrians rйsumй and catalogue of groundbreaking music is both astonishing and largely unrecognized by pop-music culture at large, despite Adrians hefty contributions to its canon.

While his musical plate has been full, he has always found time to maintain his own solo career. Since the release of his first album, Lone Rhino, released in 1982, Adrian has not been content to rest on his laurels. He has shown a long-standing dedication to music, as evidenced by his ferocious appetite for writing, playing, recording, and producing his own music, as well as touring and playing for his legion of rock-solid fans, a passion which continues to this day.


The Lone Rhino 1982 (Island)
Twang Bar King 1983 (Island)
Desire Caught by the Tail 1986 (Island)
Mr. MusicHead 1989 (Atlantic)
Young Lions 1990 (Atlantic)
Desire of the Rhino King 1991 (Polygram)
Inner Revolution 1992 (Atlantic)
The Acoustic Adrian Belew 1993 (ABP)
Here 1994 (Caroline)
The Experimental Guitar Series Vol. 1 : The Guitar as Orchestra 1995 (ABP)
Op Zop Too Wah 1997 (?)
BelewPrints The Acoustic Adrian Belew Vol. 2 1998 (ABP)
Salad Days 1999 (?)
Coming Attractions 2000
Side 1 2004 (Sanctuary)
Side 2 2004 (Sanctuary)
Side 3 2006 (Sanctuary)
Side 4 Live 2007


Discipline 1981
Beat 1982
Three of a Perfect Pair 1984
The Compact King Crimson 1987
The Essential King Crimson 1991
The Abbreviated King Crimson 1991
Vroom 1994
Bboom Official Bootleg : Live in Argentina 1995
Thrak 1995
Thrakattak 1996
ProjeKct 2 Space Groove 1998
ProjeKct 2 Line Groove 1999
ProjeKct X Heaven and Earth 2000
The Power to Believe 2003
Happy with what you have to be happy with 2003


The Bears 1987
Rise & Shine 1988
Car Caught Fire 2001
The Bears Live 2002
The Bears Live at Club Cafй DVD 2004
Eureka 2007


Stage 1978
Lodger 1979
Another Face 1981
Sound & Vision - 1989


Sheik Yerbouti 1979
Baby Snakes 1983
You Cant do that on Stage Anymore Vol. 1 - 1988
You Cant do that on Stage Anymore Vol. 6 1992
Frank Zappa plays the music of Frank Zappa 1996
Quaudiophiliac 2004
Trance Fusion 2006


Remain in Light 1980
The name of this band is Talking Heads 1982


Mister Heartbreak (?)
Home of the Brave 1986


Graceland 1986
Rhythm of the Saints 1990
1964 : 1993


One Glance is Holy 1989
Earthmoving 1989


True Colors 1986
Shes so Unusual 1997


El Silencio 1992
Historia 1997


Ryuichi Sakamoto : Left Handed Dream 1981
: Soundbytes - 1994
David Byrne : Catherine Wheel 1981
Garland Jefferies : Escape Artist 1981
Tom Tom Club : Tom Tom Club 1981
Jerry Harrison : Red and the Black 1981
Joe Cocker : Sheffield Steel 1982
Robert Palmer : Maybe its Live 1982
Joan Armatrading : The Key 1983
Peter Wolf : Lights Out 1983
Jean-Michel Jarre : Zoolook 1984
Elvis Brothers : Adventure Time 1985
Zimbabwe Legit : Zimbabwe Legit 1992
Nine Inch Nails : Downward Spiral 1994
Sara Hickman : Necessary Angels 1994
Raisins : Raisins 1994
Jars of Clay : Jars of Clay 1995
Bentmen : Patient Zero - 1996
Seltzer : Seltzer 1996
Hard Rain : Hard Rain 1998


Christmas Guitars : A benefit 1989
Guitar Speak II - 1991
Guitar Tribute to the Beatles : Come together 1993
For the Love of Harry : Everybody sings Nilsson 1995
Twang! A Tribute to Hank Marvin - 1996
Sometimes God Hides : the young persons guide to Discipline 1996
Come and Get It : A Tribute to Badfinger 1996
Sometimes God Hides : the young persons guide to Discipline Vol. 2 1998
Zappanale 17 CD/DVD 2006
Back Against the Wall
A Tribute to Pink Floyd
Return to the Dark Side of the Moon 2006
Yes Progressive Rock 2007
Pink Classic Rock 2007
New Music New Hope for Tsunami Relief 2005 Peace on Earth
Instant Karma The Amnesty International Campaign to save Darfur Jaguares John Lennons Gimme Some Truth


Adrian Belew is an artist, composer, arranger, producer, guitarist, bassist, drummer, keyboardist, cellist, vocalist, and well as many other -ists. Aside from his individualism, he has an incredible sense of melody and songcraft.

Adrian exemplifies the iconic sort of modern-media artist, one who has learned to embrace the rapidly changing face of technology, and deal with the relentless vagarities of todays music scene. But Adrian is steadfastly trying to forge a career in creativity without sacrificing his personal principles.

In order to more easily facilitate his needs, ideas and numerous projects, Adrian created his own recording studio in his home in Nashville, followed by his own record label, aptly named Adrian Belew Presents.and not surprisingly, an online music store named StoreBelew.

Adrian has had an official web site since 1996, which provides links to all things BELEW.

Increasingly popular is Adrians own Elephant Blog page, where you will find all the latest musings directly from the fingertips of Adrian himself. It's fantastically entertaining!! Here you can catch up on the latest fascinating Anecdotes by the Numbers, where Adrian reminisces on the interesting, famous, and sometimes infamous people, amazing places, and funny incidents, that have occurred during his many years in the music industry;
Dust Particle releases;
Adrians latest Paintings;
and even an inside look into the Belew family.

Adrian enjoys sharing his anecdotes and interesting stories from his life on the road with such luminaries as musical maestro Frank Zappa, the dizzying heights of success with David Bowie, meeting his childhood idols Sir Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr; watching The King in New York with Charlie Chaplin's widow at the Chaplin mansion on Lake Geneva; recording whilst Paul Simon whisper-sang in his ear; Jimmy Page recoiling in horror at the sight of Adrian Belew in fan mode; and many many more

Another link is to Adrians own StoreBelew, where you can purchase a variety of CDs from Adrian's extensive catalogue as well as t-shirts and DVDs, as well as his very own direct download music site, where he currently is offering his long awaited rareties collection, called Dust, an on-growing collection of rare tracks from Adrian's "release in progress" series, where each week a new rare gem of previously unrecorded material is made available for download.


Adrian has enthusiastically been cast as mentor, visiting professor and guest soloist for the School of Rock, the Philly-rooted and now nationally expanded music school, where he gave various seminars on he passed on his love of music, his music industry experience, and demonstrated his guitar playing techniques. This culminated in a full blown concert, where the students played various Belew songs on stage, right along with Adrian, in front of a huge audience of their peers, family and friends.
Adrian Belew & The School Of Rock
2006/02/12 ADRIAN BELEW CLINIC Bergen School Of Rock 2pm
2006/02/12 concert 'The Knitting Factory', New York, NY, USA
a performance-based music program, the idea is to give middle and high school students a real rock experience, including a concert on a stage three times a year. When a show is in development, there are three-hour rehearsals every week. Our goals at the Paul Green School of Rock Music are: to help our students realize their potential as artists, to put them on stage in front of as many people as possible and to help foster a new generation of incredible musicians.
Founded back in 1998 on the discovery that if kids play in rock bands, theyll be motivated to practice, the Paul Green School of Rock has come far from its garage bands roots in Philadelphia. Now the preeminent school for performance-based music education, The School of Rock takes ordinary kids and turned them into stage-stomping rock n rollers. And theres nothing quite like seeing a ten year-old belt out Led Zeppelin like he owns it.

There can be no doubt - Adrian is a highly-charged self-starter and innovator, one who is always one step ahead of his ever-growing fans expectations. And after all these years, and approaching 58 - just when you would expect Adrian to begin slowing down and rest for a while on his hard-earned laurels you guessed it, Adrian is working harder than ever.

As Frank Zappa once did for him, Adrian strives to provide talented unsung musicians with whatever opportunities may come from an association with him. As a result of his recent guest professor role with the Paul Green School of Rock in Phillidelphia, Adrian is busy mentoring, moulding and propelling his newest young 20 & 21 year old protйgйs in his latest Power Trio; they are currently working through their latest 3 month summer tour that has encompassed cities throughout the U.S., Japan and Mexico.

The inclusion of the words Power Trio fully describe this ensemble - amazingly powerful, and very energetic. This band is avant-garde at its best; it explores new sonic landscapes with vigour and verve, and makes you think about the incredible future possibilities in store for this power trio. Adrian has taken all his music, transformed it into a trio format, and totally re-energized and revitalized it. It's somewhat free-form, with a lot of improvisation put in for good measure. As a result, Adrian and his music sounds as fresh, vital and enthusiastic as it did when it was first performed, whether it was 1981 or 1990.


Adrians work on such pivotal records as:
- The Tom Tom Clubs Genius of Love (co-writer and guitarist)
- The Talking Heads Remain in Light (guitaritst)
- Paul Simons Graceland (guitarist)
- Nine Inch Nails Fragile (guitarist)
- Jars of Clays mega-hit Flood (producer)
have earned him numerous Gold and Platinum Records.

Adrian won the Best New Talent Award in the Readers Poll from Guitar Player Magazine, in 1982.

He was awarded the Best Experimental Guitarist award 5 years in a row, from 1989 through 1993. This eliminated Adrian from receiving any further awards, and automatically inducted him into the Guitar Player Magazine Hall of Fame.

Adrian was nominated for an MTV Video Music Award in the Category of Best Special Effects for Oh Daddy - (won by Michael Jackson)

He was awarded the ASCAP Pop Award in 1997, for his part as writer of Mariah Careys Fantasy.

Adrian was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award (Cammy) in his hometown of Cincinnati, in 2001.

He was awarded the Guitar Innovator Award from the Music For Life Alliance, in 2004.

Adrian won the Best Score Award at the Toronto Film Festival, for his film score for In the Gutter, a Canadian documentary.

Adrian received a Grammy Nomination in the Category of Best Rock/Instrumental Performance, in 2005 for Beat Box Guitar - (won by Les Paul)

Within Adrians 27 year tenure, King Crimson have twice received Grammy Award Nominations.STY INTERNATIONAL CAMPAIGN TO SAVE DARFUR June 11, 2007


Music fans describe Adrian Belew as a musician who excels in musicianship, vocal ability, composition of inspirational and innovative music, and audience rapport. These qualities enable Adrian Belew to significantly contribute to the evolution and perpetuation of rock music. Adrian Belews undeniable impact on rock should earn him a place of distinction in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. As a result, we, his fans, respectfully urge the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Foundation to include Adrian Belew in the 24th Annual Induction to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2009.