ABC's The Bachelor - We don't want to see Melissa get hurt! Don't show it!

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    ABC - Mike Fleiss
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It has come to my attention that The Bachelor, aka Jason Mesnick, is not the man we all thought he was. We loved him on The Bachelorette. When he was turned down we, the fans, felt his pain. He was a sensitive, loving, sexy, amazing single father...or so we thought. When it was announced that he would be the next Bachelor the fans were thrilled! However, before the first episode aired, you released previews that clearly showed who he would pick in the end. One in particular was a preview of Jason kneeling down, looking up at a woman in a blue dress. An awesome sleuther from Jokers matched the woman's moles and pinky ring to all of the women on the show and discovered that it was Melissa. The only difference was that you made the dress blue, when in fact it is a yellow dress. You wanted us to like Melissa (we would've even if you hadn't of done that). You planned everything from beginning to end. Your ratings were terrible and you needed something spectacular and jaw-dropping to keep The Bachelor afloat. If you hadn't of pulled this off, you would be nervously sitting in front of ABC executives explaining why The Bachelor/ette deserves to have more seasons. You, Mr. Fleiss, got your ratings by using and hurting people.

To move on, when the first episode aired we fell in love with Melissa "America's Sweetheart". To us, the show was all about Melissa & Jason's love story. That was until rumors started to leak that Jason was seeing Molly behind Melissa's back. There were rumors that the entire show was planned, and that Jason was involved and knew exactly what he was going to do in the end. The message boards, blogs, chat rooms, etc. went crazy. Was this true? Would Mike Fleiss go this low to get ratings? Is Jason that easily influenced by Mr. Fleiss? There were many, many questions we all had.

As of today, our questions have been answered. We know what you did. We know it was planned, because you needed your ratings. We know what Jason will do to Melissa on live TV Monday night. We know that Molly must be desperate to let Jason off the hook. Just because we now know, doesn't mean we want to see it. We, The Bachelor fans, do not want you to air Jason dumping Melissa on live TV. Mr. Fleiss, this isn't one of your low-budget films where actors/actresses play characters (fake people). This is a real person. A person with a loving family who do not want to see their daughter humiliated on national TV. This is a person with a huge heart, an incredible personality and who is absolutely beautiful both inside and out.

We just have one question for Mr. Fleiss & anyone from ABC who has a daughter. Would you want to watch your daughter be humiliated and treated like that on national TV?

Jillian, if you are reading this, please DO NOT be the next Bachelorette. You will be controlled like a robot and I promise you will be very unhappy. Jillian, there are many men that would love to have a shot with you. You don't have to go on a TV show to find true love.

Melissa, we love you! You bring out the best in people. Your family and friends are lucky to have you in their lives.

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Thank you!