ABC to pick up Jericho

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As you may have noticed, the post-apocalyptic drama Jericho was recently cancelled by CBS. This was despite the fact that the show had over 11 million viewers this past fall, and only dropped to 8-9 million viewers after being placed on hiatus for three months and returning against Foxs top-rated American Idol. CBS also ignored the fact that Jericho was the most downloaded show both on its own site and on iTunes. The cancellation has spawned a massive online campaign for CBS to bring back the series.

If, however, CBS decides to continue ignoring its viewers by not bringing back the series, CBSs loss could become your networks gain by means of your network picking up the rights to the series. Your network could gain a loyal base of 8 million+ viewers, and the shows fan base could increase even more by cross-promotion with your other shows such as Lost. The viewer goodwill you could pick up from such a move could even move your networks overall ratings to first place ahead of CBS.

If your network picks up Jericho, millions of viewers will be forever grateful.