Update LG GT540 to Froyo

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We would like to suggest a path for the future development of the LG (Optimus GT540)

Some recent developments on the Android platform have made the current OS software 2.1 outdated. Most of the current products sold by your competitors are currently running on 2.2 and some are already getting the new OS software 2.3

The hardware specification of the Optimus GT540 line is clearly impressive and should in theory be able to be quite competitive. Sadly, the hardware is extremely limited by the software, preventing us users from being able to utilise the full capacity of your device. Furthermore we are unable to make most of the applications available to Android users, since the minimum requirement for many applications is version 2.2

Qualcomm recently announced official support for full flash for MSM 7x27 processor, which has the LG GT540 Optimus. However, this flash is required Android version 2.2. This is one of many reasons to upgrade our lg to Froyo.
The update also generated the sale of smartphones from LG. People would know that buying a phone of this brand will have the manufacturer's support, updates to new versions of software.

We believe it would serve LG's interest as well, making your product competitive and expend your user base. As you know the Android platform is rapidly growing and update is the key of that success.

We hope you will understand our concern and deman.