Assassin's Creed for the PSP

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We, PSP ( Playstation Portable ) owners would like Ubisoft to release their immensely popular new IP; Assassin's Creed on the PSP.

Considering the success that Assassin's Creed has seen on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, we feel it is a slap in the face for PlayStation Portable fans to see the Nintendo DS getting Assassin's Creed in early 2008. If this is the kind of treatment Ubisoft plans to show its loyal PSP fans in the future, than i for one will go elsewhere for my gaming needs. Hopefully Ubisoft follows in Capcom's footsteps and realizes that its fans are important. Not only is Assassin's Creed possible on the PSP but it will be a great success as a portable game. Furthermore, the PSP has the processing power to recreate the Assassin's Creed universe in all of its glory. Considering all of the assets are already in place to be used, this is an opportunity for Ubisoft to demonstrate what a great company they are. That they too care for their fans. So please, bring Assassin's Creed to the PSP.