Plight of Amerasian Children

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Thousands of Amerasians in the Philippines were abandoned by their American fathers after the US military bases departure in 1992. Many are still hoping for a chance to see their fathers, but most of them have lost their hope. Majority of them never saw their fathers after they were born. And their mothers never have pictures or any other pertinent documentations to locate their fathers.

There are approximately more than 52,000 or even 100,000 Filipino Amerasians since the American-Spanish war back in 1898 since the departure of the U.S. military bases at Clark Air Force Base (Angeles City) and Subic Naval Base (Olongapo City) and approximately more than 6,000 Japanese Amerasians. These thousands of innocent Amerasians in the Philippines and Japan are all excluded into the eligibility for Public Law 97-359. PL 97-359 was originally introduced (see original U.S. Congress Draft of the Bill) on October 1, 1981 to set right for the unfortunate situation of Amerasians who were fathered by tens of thousands of United States servicemen after 1950 in Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Laos, Japan, Thailand, or the Philippines, who due to their illegitimate or blended race make up, have little or no possibility of evading their plight. On October 22, 1982, the United States Senate and House of Representatives passed PL 97-359 into law to provide assistance and a possibility of changing the lives of the Amerasians in the said countries above. However, Filipino and Japanese Amerasians were excluded in eligibility.

USA Bound, Inc. now helps Filipino Amerasians obtain their US citizenship (if possible) and also try to locate their long lost fathers. Our organization tries to help find Amerasians' American Fathers in the United States and also tries to help American fathers search for their Amerasian child(ren) in the Philippines. In conducting an extensive phonebook search and enormous amount of letter writing to hundreds or even thousands of addresses of American fathers, 500 out of 10,000 American fathers are sometimes found. However, it is not always a success once a father is found due to a possibility that the American father doesn't want to look back in the past or he may already have his new family and he may not want to let them know that he had a child overseas. Majority of Filipino Amerasians, about 7 percent have documents or know pertinent information, which is possible enough to try to locate their American fathers. The rest and others may slightly vary to have very little or no information at all to help try to locate their American fathers. In addition, we also provide services needed in processing the derivative US Citizenship claim and any related immigration/citizenship needs of Amerasians and American fathers. One case of an Amerasian is always different from the case of another Amerasian. So, we cannot provide any concrete recommendations, except we ask families and friends to email, mail us your questions, or go to our Frequently Asked Question to find out if your questions can be answered (we always want to hear from your questions and concerns so please don't hesitate to send your questions via email). We also try to seek help from the member of the US Congress to lobby PL 97-359.

Please support us in helping Filipino Amerasians locate their American fathers in the United States and also in helping American fathers search for their Amerasian child in the Philippines and to try to amend Public Law 97-359.