A Weekly Day Off for Domestic Workers

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Do you need a weekly day off from work? If you do, and if you hire MIGRANT DOMESTIC WORKER to do household chores for you, we hope you can make a pledge to give your migrant domestic worker A WEEKLY PAID DAY OFF from work too.

They are called MAIDS, SERVANTS, HELPERS or any other names but a DOMESTIC WORKER!

MIGRANT DOMESTIC WORKERS are hired to work, they are WORKERS. Just like how you and I need a weekly day off from work.


1) Adequate rest will boost the social and psychological well being of everyone.

2) Who would not feel frustrated and depressed, working around the clock, over 360 days and without a days off?

3) They will have fewer tendencies of making mistakes if they are not STRESSED and STRETCHED out!

4) Although many of us are not abusive employers, imagine those workers who endure abusive employers. Support the cause by giving all migrant domestic workers a day off, so that workers can escape torture and be free of violence.

5) They can join spiritual or religious activities which could be essential for their psycho-social well being.

6) They can have a life! Exchanging recipes with friends OR join any skill training classes.

7) They will be able to join activities to improve their health, or even just to get health supplements at the pharmacies
Sign the Petition for giving migrant domestic workers A WEEKLY PAID DAY OFF from work.