Opensource Creator3D/Elite3D Microcode

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    Sun Microsystems
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The afb.ucode file which is needed to use the Creator3D and Elite3D on a GNU/Linux system can't be redistributed by the Debian project.

After installing Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 on a Sun Ultra 10 or Sun Ultra 60 workstation it is required to install the afbinit program (which is distributed under the GPL license) and to copy the afb.init file from a solaris installation.
Debian is one of the most used Linux distributions on the SPARC platform.

Why Sun Microsystems should release it under an OSI aproved license:
GNU/Linux on a SPARC computer is the first stap to migrate an application from Solaris SPARC to Java Destop System/Linux on x86. Sun doesn't provide a JDS Linux version for the SPARC platform.

Other GNU/Linux distributions will also benefit from a opensource afb.ucode file.

An other less favourable solution is distributing afb.ucode via so I can be fetched by a script. (like msttcorefonts and some Nvidia installers)