Get the AHA to use INMEX to plan its future meetings.

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How Do We Get Out of this Mess???

Three years ago, the American Historical Association (AHA) had the option of becoming a client of a unique meeting planning not-for-profit called the Informed Meetings Exchange (INMEX). While INMEX is independent from the hotel workers' union UNITE HERE, the two organizations nonetheless work closely together to inform INMEXs clients about labor-management relationships in hotels across the country. This allows INMEX to ensure its clients are booking their events in destinations that are free from labor disputes and helps steer professional associations away from meeting venues that are likely to be disrupted by a boycott, a picket line or a strike.

Its purpose is to make it easier for groups like the AHA to spend their meeting dollars in ways that do not contradict their values and do not disrupt their conventions. Over the years, INMEX has also been able to use its collective clients leverage to secure exceptional deals for clients, oftentimes securing hotel rooms rates that are up to 40\% off published rates.

Unfortunately, at the 2007 Business Meeting the AHA declined to utilize INMEX.

However, should the AHA opt to use INMEXs services in the future, it would stand a much a better chance of avoiding the sorts of disruptions that we experienced during the 2010 Annual Meeting in San Diego. Additionally, it would also help AHA realize significant cost savings.

Here is an excerpt from the INMEX website ( that explains how the organization might be able to help the AHA:

"Founded with UNITE HERE's Support

In 2006, the hotel workers' union (UNITE HERE) helped launch INMEX. We still work closely with UNITE HERE. INMEX's relationships with executives of hotel companies like LXR/Hilton and Starwood, and with the staff and leadership of Conventions and Visitors Bureaus, like LA, Inc. and Team San Jose, ensure you're getting the best available rates, space and dates for your events

INMEX's work with UNITE HERE allows it to have access to timely information about labor-management relationships in properties and cities across the country. This allows INMEX to ensure its clients are booking their events in destinations that are free from labor disputes.

Socially Responsible Event Planning

INMEX's mission is to book all of its clients with socially responsible hotels and destination cities. We collect and distill information gathered by UNITE HERE, community groups, environmental groups and other non-profits so that we have a broad sense of which hotels and destinations best match our clients' values.

INMEX's clients' collective buying power ensures we are getting the best possible value for each event we plan. But when more dollars are going to corporations and cities that are doing the right thing, we believe they're more likely to continue doing the right thing.

25 Years in Hotel Management Experience

Our staff has 25 years combined experience working at the highest levels of some of the largest suppliers, associations and non-profits in the country, and that level of experience makes INMEX's level of service second to none. INMEX's staff is able to draw on this experience to give our clients unmatched value.

What's more, unlike other third-party meeting planners, INMEX is a non-profit corporation. Since we're not bottom-line driven, we give each of our clients the personalized time and attention they deserve."

We, the undersigned, encourage the American Historical Association to use the services of the Informed Meetings Exchange (INMEX) in order to help the AHA avoid future disruptions due to boycotts and labor disputes.

(Note: The petition website asks for your email address in order to verify your identity. If you can, please use your .edu or .org emails as they are easier to verify. I assure you that your email addresses will remain private.)