Fixes to the XBLA version of TRON

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We, the fans of the original video game TRON, hereby petition Disney Interactive the publisher of the Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) adaptation of the arcade game TRON to consider the following points of contention we have with the Xbox Live Arcade release and issue fixes to the game to ensure proper historical accuracy of the original game and to hold true to the mechanics of the game which we have come to know and love.

Issue 1: Poor audio playback. Part of the legacy of the TRON video game is the audio; from the film-inspired soundtrack to the unusual and distinctive sounds played during the game. The XBLA version audio is incredibly poor; the music warbles, the sound effects are often inaccurate indeed the entire audio presentation is lacking. We feel the importance of the ambience created by the audio has been lost in this adaptation and we would like it fixed.

Issue 2: Poor control method. Part of what made TRON an unusual and entertaining video game was the very unique control system which included a joystick and spinner control which allowed the player to move in one direction while independently controlling the weapons direction. The spinner offered fast, responsive control and the game was built originally with this control methodology; it is dependent on it for proper play. The XBLA adaptation only offers substandard substitution control methods which includes slow, unresponsive rotation with the analog stick and direct control which removes the spinning element from the game. We feel this harms the integrity of the game. We desire the speed or sensitivity of the rotation control be user customizable allowing the player to spin the arm faster or slower based on their own comfort level (just as the arcade version did). This should be settable in the options menu, possibly with the use of a sensitivity slider.

We thank Disney Interactive for bringing this historical video game to the home and hope our pleas for these minor fixes be heard.