The Shark is STILL Working

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The Shark is STILL Working is a new documentary that presents an exhaustive look at how one film, in this case JAWS, can impact a culture. The film celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2005. This documentary details how the Steven Spielberg classic film that was made over thirty years ago, has continued to entertain, thrill, inspire, and encourage film enthusiasts and audiences alike to become filmmakers, Marine Biologists, study and photograph sharks and motivate the conservation efforts of the Great White Shark.

The documentary features all-new interviews with Academy Award Winner Steven Spielberg, Academy Award Nominated Roy Scheider, Academy Award Winner Richard Dreyfuss, Academy Award Winner John Williams, Producing legends Richard Zanuck and David Brown, Screenwriter Carl Gottlieb, Production Designer Joe Alves, Production Executive Bill Gillmore, Cinematographer Bill Butler, Lorraine Gary, Jeffrey Kramer, and countless others who helped make the original film. But the documentary also has new interviews with Filmmakers who were inspired by the film. These include Bryan Singer, Robert Rodriguez, Kevin Smith, Eduardo Sanchez and Patrick Read Johnson.

The documentary features several never-before-seen photos from the production as well as some incredible never-before-seen behind-the-scenes video that features a glimpse at the troubled production.

There are countless interviews with Marine Biologists, researchers and shark enthusiasts who all say that Jaws was the real reason they became infatuated with the Shark and the water, The documentary also chronicles JAWSFest, a 3-day celebration on the island of MarthaХs Vineyard where fans could walk the very locations and meet some of the stars from the film. He documentary also features the late Peter Benchley, author of the book JAWS, in his last interview. The Documentary is dedicated in his honor.

The documentary is over three hours of exhaustive research and countless hours all dedicated to examining the power this one film had and continues to have, as younger adults discover it.

We are four Producers who found our strengths within the mix and through our passion, dedication and our hard work, we now have a story that need you, the audience.

We are currently looking for a Distributor who will help us realize this project fully and get it out to the audience hungry for itХs amazing content.

By signing this petition, you are sending a message that you want this documentary and will pay the retail cost. Your desire and support will help us get the work we have been doing to its final stage for the audience to enjoy.