Somaliland, The Land Of Peace and Progress

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A Call to the South African country to pave the
Way forward for new Africa, New Africa which lives with justice then denial,
New Africa which is rational
than rigid and dogmatic, New Africa which grants rights for
all than for some, New Africa
which gives its citizens the chance to compete,
to lead and to be seen from

When Somaliland gained it's independence from her
Majestys Government of Great
Britain on the 26 June, 1960. It has immediately
received recognition from 34
Countries, that itself in a historical context
Is an enough official
testimony of the existence of country, which had
independent sovereignty but
joined Somalia to expand the pan Somali dream.
What happen to the dream is
obvious in the eyes of the international
community and ended. When Siad Barre, the
fascist dictator packed and supported by his
tribe attacked, maimed and
bombed to execute their ethnic cleansing policy on the
highly cultured and noble people
of Somaliland in order to expand their selfish
interest on the Somaliland soil (the golden soil non-somalilanders
never dared to put on their feet without the will of Somalilanders) .

Siad Barre (a personality mixture of the Bukasa
and Ida Amin) two of those
notorious dictators of Africa with the help of
his southern cronies tried to
exterminate our people for expansionist reasons
but at the end, like all those
dictators before him dug his graveyard not
only for himself but also his
supporters who were standing by him when he was
on the rampage inflicting
atrocities on the Somalis and there came his
downfall, a free fall which has displayed
their inherent weakness in number, in force and
in bravery.

Somaliland has shown to the world that it could
stand with its own feet
without the continuous financial support that the
destroyers of the Somali dream of
unification are spending on the hotels of the
neighboring countries. They
never sought an attention from any other country
nor waited their problems to be
solved by foreigners but got into the depth and
length of every little problem
and a came on a peaceful resolution for all the
people governed by the rule
of law, supported by the spirit of the people and
trusted and appreciated by
men and women, young and old.

Somaliland's progress in politics, peace and
prosperity is an example for all
of Africa in particular and to the world in
general. The duration and
determination of a country which assures
individual rights, prioritizes governance
than ruling, feeds it's people by laying down the
necessary economic and
commercial laws to maximize individual strength
while discouraging state looting on
private businesses (a cultural norm for Gen. Siad
Barre and his cronies during
his 19 years of dictatorial rule 1969 - 1988),

Somaliland has worked out it's problems starting
from scratch, between person
to person, between elder to elder, between group
to group, between
institution to institution, and last but not
least between party to party. This is major
testimony of the ingenuity, patience, tact and
experience of the people of
Somaliland who put the gun down to shake hands
with each other, the people who
defeated those who bombed their children and
elders with the very warplanes
they have paid their procurement out of their
taxes to defend the nation have
once again came together to form a democratic
government of Somaliland unity, a
government which is accountable to the council of
elders, the parliament, the
opposition parties and the people who has elected

The government of South Africa is showing
interest in taking part to solve
the different problems, which has crippled the
African nations; they are using
first hand experience as they have defeated the
apartheid government. They have
made their own way laying down their strategy for
peace and resolution for
all Africa.

There is a little scope to hold or distract the
policy of a big prosperous
country like south Africa, the sunshine state of
Africa by an apartheid
associated Somali organization located in South
Africa, a well known association
formed to hide the war criminals of Somalia
during the dictators rule, an
association in which its executives have no hope
of returning to Somalia out of fear of
prosecution for genocide, extermination and
untold hardships on innocent
people. The very same people who defamed the
Somali people by portraying them as
people who know nothing but how to kill with a
gun are while shedding crocodile
tears trying to propagate lies to get an
attention from democratic country
like South Africa to harm the interest of a
shining star of Horn of Africa,
Somaliland Republic.

Siad Barre and his cronies have not only starved
the people from the chance
to progress but also associated with governments
like the apartheid white
minority rulers of south Africa to kill their own
Somali people when they received
ammunition and warplane pilots of south African
origin to bomb Somaliland and
kill thousands of civilian people running for
cover. Fortunately, The time
had come to be defeated that injustice apartheid
government and the Somali
dictator at the same time.

We, as the undersigned Somalilanders and friends
of truth, have undeniable
evidence in showing every international official
or envoy of any capacity to

1. How we dealt the human and property
devastation inflicted upon us by the
fascist dictator.
2. How we helped ourselves to get on our feet on
the ground once again after
31 years of bad partnership with unpatriotic and
selfish people.
3. How we are working out to increase our
economic growth to feed every
Somalilander and raise the standard of living by
initiating the free market
principle of self-growth.
4. How we have achieved all the criteria which a
country can persuade the
international community that it is time to be
recognized, that it has voted it's
constitution democratically, taken referendum on
it's independence and
elected it's president democratically.

These above points which are highly challenging
in Africa and most of the
third World have been achieved in our country by
persuasion and understanding
followed by the rule of law and enjoyed by every
Somalilander and anybody who
visits our country.
Welcome to Somaliland Republic, the land of Peace and progress.