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Cartoon Network Subtitled Animation Block

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    Cartoon Network
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Dear Cartoon Network,

We would like to ask you to create a block in your schedule to play uncut subbed versions of the anime you bring to your network. The shows you select are high in quality, and thus should be preserved as they were meant to be displayed. We would be so selfish as to ask that in this block you do not alter names, cut scenes, shorten/lengthen shows to fit commercial breaks, dub over the painstakingly selected voice actors, or alter the show in any way other than that of accurate and fluent subtitles.

We ask this for several reasons. Firstly, while dubbed anime may be easier for most American viewers to follow, many fans will only watch subtitled animation. This means that not only would we have a way to watch our favorite shows (such as 'Naruto', 'One Piece', and 'Fullmetal Alchemist') the way they were meant to be displayed, but you would also have a much larger fan-base.

More than a few people have all together stopped watching Cartoon Network because they feel their favorite shows have been 'butchered' with voice acting that doesn't fit, unnecessarily edited scenes, alteration of content for whatever reason, etc. We feel this could be solved easily via this block of time dedicated to uncut subtitled anime, the way the creators envisioned it.

Please consider giving this idea a try, as I can guarantee hundreds if not more will support it.