Change the Laws for Animal Cruelty and Abuse

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Petition to Change the laws for animal cruelty and abuse from a misdemeanor to a Class D Felony.

Flora, a one year old pit bull, was found dead from hanging in a Philadelphia playground on June 15 2010.

Everyday in the United States, millions of animals are killed, abused and tortured.

We must let Pennsylvanias elected representatives know that we will not tolerate this anymore.

With your signatures, we will be the voice of the animals and make a difference in their lives.

These signatures will be sent to Sarah Speed, Pennsylvania State Director for HSUS (Humane Society of the United States). In turn, she will bring them to the Capitol Building in Harrisburg to present our case to your Representatives.

With your help, we can finally make animal abusers pay appropriately for their crimes and put an end to abuse and cruelty forever.

Recently, Governor Steve Beshear of Kentucky signed into law Romeos Law which elevated certain crimes against animals to a felony level.

North Carolinas Governor Beverly Perdue signed Susie's Law, which reclassifies animal cruelty from a Class I to a Class H Felony, giving judges the ability to send convicted abusers to jail for up to 10 months.