Give Suicide A Face & Mental Health A Voice - Another Initiative of "Get Your Wellness On"

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In the pre-dawn hours of November 3, 2009, my beloved twenty year-old son,
Andrew Williamson-Noble died of suicide by jumping from the 10th floor of Bobst, NYUs library.
Andrews death was an explosion that devastated our family. We did not know about the suicide pandemic that every year kills 33.000 in the United States. Nor did we know that when it comes to suicide, there is as much ignorance, stigma, myth and misconception as there used to be when AIDS first came to our shores.
After a string of suicides on his campus this year, Cornells President called for a National Dialogue.
What happened to his students, to my Andrew, to Cameron Dabaghi, Andrew Koenig, Michael Blosil, to mention but a few, must be a matter for open discussion. Yet after each of those high profile suicides, silence reigned supreme on the subject, once again.
But did you know that in the United States alone one person attempts suicide every minute and that one person dies of suicide every sixteen minutes? I didnt!
Mourners coming to my house told me of a time in their life when they or someone they knew had thought of, attempted, or died of suicide.
By the time Andrews funeral was over, I learned that eleven hundred college-aged students die by suicide every year, and yet Id never heard of this. Neither had anyone around me. Suicide started to look like one of the world best-kept secrets. In the weeks that followed, I realized that much like homosexuality, suicide needs to come out of the closet.
By shining the light on the this painful subject, we raise awareness and understanding, in turn raising the volume of the muffled cry for help of the depressed, and the suicidal in our midst.
Get Your Wellness On calls on the media to use its influence and wide-reach to help bring the important issue of suicide and mental health into the open where it can be
de-stigmatized, de-mystified and openly and effectively tackled.
Lets take notice, take care and help save lives.

Get Your Wellness On is a grass roots movement to promote health and save lives. Encouraging dialogue and education to reduce incidence of mental illnesses that can lead to suicide, Get Your Wellness On promotes Eastern and Western approaches to mind and body health. The movement advances a general understanding of wellness that will empower individuals to take charge of their overall health.