The "Oust Rick Berman from Star Trek!" Petition

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    The Executives at Paramount Studios & Viacom
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    Loyal Star Trek Fans
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Dear Paramount Studios,
We, the loyal fans of the Star Trek franchise whose names are signed below, petition for you to reassign Rick Berman & Brannon Braga from their positions as the heads of the franchise.
It is true Rick Berman saved The Next Generation from becoming a bucket of cheese, and it is true he is responsible for creating Deep Space Nine, a show that everyone who has signed below believes is the finest or second finest Star Trek show ever produced. But in recent years, Rick Berman has destroyed all that Star Trek was. Star Trek: Voyager and Enterprise are two horrifically mediocre shows that have reduced the franchise to a joke. What was once one of the most influential and celebrated series in Hollywood is now crap that no one cares about.
Look at the box office takings of the new movie, Nemesis. It was beaten by friggin J.Lo! J.Lo for Gods sake!! I remember a time when Star Trek movies where events. Now, this tenth film will be lucky to pass $30 million. For the good of Trek, **and your profits**, oust Berman & Braga from the franchise. I say for the good of your profits because once Trek has quality again, it will only be a matter of time before it is as popular as it once was. Sadly, this will not happen with Berman still in charge. Hes been working on Trek for over a decade, and we consumers of your product doubt this trend of his towards crappy work will reverse.
To make a long story short, send Trek's Rick Berman on a trek for a new job.