Third Parties Unite

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    Third Party Leadership
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    American Citizens
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This petition is from concerned American citizens to all the third parties who have been working hard to help. It is time for you to set aside your differences and Unite. America needs you. It is counterproductive for you to be competing with each other. This division renders the third parties impotent on the national level. Your work at the state and local levels has laid the groundwork for a coalition that can really change things. "We the People" need to to stand up for our rights against the corruption that is in power now. The Republocrats forgot that this country is about "We the People", not "We the Corporate shareholders". Please call a Summit of Third Parties to negotiate a platform that is non-divisive. We have plenty of grievences with the American Government that we all share. We need to focus on the things we have in common before the differences. I emplore you to give us a real, viable alternative to the doupoly. Unite and form a coalition that will co-endorse ONE AND ONLY ONE candidate for President in '08. We must start working on this now!