End Israeli occupation End Israeli crimes

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    United Nations, European Union and the United States of America
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    International CommunityAssociation for Arab Youth, The International Palestinian Youth League (IPYL) and the Youth Development Department - Orient House (YDD) as Palestinian youth organizations and bodies have initiated this statement as reaction to the
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Your Excellency Mr. Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations,
Your Excellency Mr. George W. Bush, President of the United States of America
Your Excellencies at European Union,
Madams and Sirs,

We, the undersigned, Youth organizations and youth activists from all around the globe, believe that a full-scale Israeli offensive war throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) has begun. This brutal and illegal attack demands from global world governements and civil society organizations - including human rights organizations, solidarity groups, and individual's, to take immediate action to stop Israels all-out war against the Palestinian people and its 35-year belligerent military occupation of the Gaza strip and West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

Israeli occupying forces have invaded the compound of the Palestinian President Yasser Arafat in Ramallah as part of a systematic and longstanding campaign to undermine, humiliate, and destroy the Palestinian political leadership and people. Israeli troops have also seized complete control of Ramallah, Bethlehem, Qalqilya, Tulkarim and imposed a total curfew. They are performing massive house-to-house arrests, and are assassinating Palestinian civilians and unarmed policemen in cold blood. At the same time, Israeli officials have begun a massive military build-up, including the mobilization of 20,000 army reservists in preparation for an openly declared war throughout the OPT that promises to be widespread, prolonged, and bloody.

The Israeli army is continuing violent operations, by reoccupying Palestinian cities and refugee camps and violating every basic human rights.

Against all International conventions dictating the laws of war, the Israeli soldiers are prohibiting emergency medical relief teams from rescuing the injured. Electricity and water are cut off from the area. Journalists are besieged and prevented from their work. The International Red Cross is almost paralyzed. There are no internationally mandated witnesses to prevent or report the war crimes committed by Sharon and his war establishment.

Palestinian civil society groups have warned for years that Israels freedom to act, as a state above the law would severely undermine chances for a just and lasting peace. After decades of occupation, apartheid, and ethnic cleansing and 18 months of full-scale war against a civilian population, we call for the international community not to wait for massacres on the scale of those in Sabra and Shatila in 1982.

The time for action is now.

The support for the Palestinian people shown by international solidarity groups, manifested in numerous statements, visits, and actions, has proved invaluable throughout this crisis. Now is the time for global civil society and governmental to use the momentum it has generated and the ethical integrity it has demonstrated to forcefully demand immediate action from the Israeli government to end its occupation, which is the root cause of the conflict, and to start immediately implementing all relevant United Nations' Security Council Resolutions, starting by resolution number 1402, which calls Israel for immediate cease fire and to withdraw from the cities which it have re-occupied, and to set implementation actions and measures, similar to those which have been enforced in other parts of the world.

To this end, we call upon all those who oppose occupation, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, and war crimes, who are committed to justice and peace and freedom, who are willing to speak truth to act against Israeli invasion and re-occupation.

The pattern of escalating oppression and brutality that we have experienced over the past 18 months moves inexorably towards a disaster which its consequences we can only begin to imagine. In this dark hour of suffering and determined resistance, we are sure that the worst is yet to come, but we are equally sure that, with the your support and fair stand and that of the global civil society at this crucial time, peace and justice will prevail.

Free Palestine, End Occupation, Fight for Justice

Israeli Occupation == State Terrorism and violence

Yours Sincerely,

Baladna-Association for arab youth

IPYL-International Palestinian Youth League

Youth Development Department - Orient House, Jerusalem / Palestine