DO NOT Cast Zac Effron as Light Yagami

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    Vertigo Entertainment
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Dear Vertigo Entertainment,

It has come to our attention that an American Live-Action remake of Death Note is going to be made. And it has become a rumour that Zac Effron is nominated to be the cast of Light Yagami or known as KIRA.
We, the real Death Note fans around the world are strongly AGAINST it.

This has nothing to do with being personal to Zac, instead, we respect him as he is and his past work.
However, we as fans of Death Note, who know this story (manga, anime version and Japanese Live-Action version) inside out, don't see anything significant & substantial between Zac and Light.
Please consider this deeply as we know that you are willing to make the movie good with its authentic strong ideas not to be missed and drifted away.