Defective Apple Powerbook LCDs

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    Apple Computers
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We, the undersigned, demand that Apple Computers immediately acknowledge and address the manufacturing defect on the LCD screens of its Powerbook G4 laptops. The LCD screens of these laptops are susceptible to random White Spots appearing on the display. These spots are very distracting and are an obvious manufacturing defect.

Powerbook owners around the world have been complaining of this problem. Evidence of this can be seen on Apples own discussion group website located at and on various message board discussion groups on the Internet. Due to the extremely large number of Powerbook owners that have been sending their newly purchased laptops for repair under warranty, it is OBVIOUS that Apple is aware of this defect. However, most customers have been noticing this problem reoccur within hours or days of their Powerbook being repaired under warranty. This is completely unacceptable.

- Apple must immediately acknowledge that it is aware of this manufacturing defect.

- Customers should be given the option to return the product for a complete refund even after the usual 10 day refund policy. A 10 day refund policy should not apply to customers who have been sold a product that is known to be susceptible to manufacturing defects.

- If the customer opts for a repair, then Apple must ensure that the LCD screen is replaced with one that does not seem susceptible to this problem.