ARM Our Airline Pilots NOW

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April 9, 2002

The Honorable John L. Mica
United States House of Representatives
2445 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Representative Mica,

By signing my name below, I am stating my belief that the time to arm our nations airline pilots with firearms is NOW.
It has been more than seven months since the terrorist attacks of September 11. We have since seen the disappointing results of an over-reliance on passenger screenings to keep terrorists off our aircraft. We know that with more than 100,000 Federal Air Marshals required to adequately protect our flights, that program will never be viable. We expect the proposed new cockpit door will significantly slow attempts to breach the flight deck, yet there is no such thing as an impenetrable door. Moreover, the door is often opened for physiological needs, thereby turning a barrier into a passageway.
Too much time has already been wasted in the quest for improved airline security. Issues such as liability, storage, transportation and jurisdiction concerning the arming of pilots can be addressed and resolved if you will apply the leadership and resources of our countrys pilot organizations. Common sense and logic dictate that the men and women we trust each day with our lives when we board an airliner can and should be trusted with firearms in order to provide the critical last line of defense. An American fighter shooting us down or needlessly subjecting ourselves to another fatal airborne attack simply because pilots are not armed should never be allowed to happen.

Please provide the American people the protection they deserve by establishing a program to train and arm our pilots NOW!!

Very respectfully submitted,