Save Argoed High School From Closure

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    Flintshire County Council
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Flintshire County Council has decided that many of the schools in Flintshire are failing academically and that there are too many empty places in schools such as Elfed High School, John Summers High and Holywell High. They believe that drastic measures need to be taken in order to fill these surplus places and one of the options that is being considered is the merging of Elfed High School in Buckley and Argoed High School in Mynydd Isa. We believe that this is a bad idea as Argoed is among the highest-performing schools in Wales, and its closure could have a significant negative impact on the local community. The purpose of this petition is to prove to Flintshire County Council how many people oppose their plans and to attempt to make them come up with an alternative plan that does not involve the closure of Argoed.