A "Citizen's Arrest" Warrant Against Pres. George W. Bush

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    U. S. Marshals Service (U.S. Dept. of Justice)
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We, the undersigned People, hereby ratify the following "Citizen's Arrest" Warrant to be served upon U. S. President George W. Bush ([email protected]) -- as composed by, served by, and disseminated on March 12, 2006, by petition creator Larry W. Bryant. By so endorsing this people's action, we intend that our signatures cast us as co-arresters in this march to justice.

BACKGROUND: When I went to my local bookstore to buy a copy of the
March 2006 issue of Harper's magazine, in which editor Lewis H.
Lapham itemizes and decries George W. Bush's impeachable assaults upon U. S. self-governance, I instantly absorbed the historic value of this issue of America's oldest magazine. And I empathize with
Lapham's frustration over, and his new-found commitment to, the
notion that Bush no longer should elude the long arm of the law. In
particular, on page 33, Lapham reiterates that "[Bush's] directive
[facilitating warrantless wiretapping of Americans' telecommunications], a felony under the 1978 Foreign Intelligence
Surveillance Act (punishable by five years in prison and a $10,000
fine), also nullified the Fourth Amendment's guarantee of protection
against unreasonable search and seizure." On the strength of that
willful violation alone, I hereby issue the following text of my "Citizen's Arrest Warrant":


TO: George W. Bush, President of the United States

FROM: Larry W. Bryant, U. S. Citizen

DATE OF ISSUANCE: March 12, 2006

-- WHEREAS, your (alleged) felonious conduct in office has violated
at least one provision of federal law and certain constitutional
protections afforded the U. S. citizenry (as regards your administration's warrantless wiretapping of U. S. citizens' telecommunications);

-- WHEREAS, Congress's abject failure thus far to hold you fully
accountable for that harmful conduct threatens the stability of our
nation's self-governance; and

-- WHEREAS, the only remedy at law lies in this citizen's warrant for
your immediate arrest, arraignment, and incarceration --

NOW, I do hereby demand that, within 48 hours of your receipt of this
served warrant, you present yourself to the U. S. Marshals Service
for all necessary processing in fulfillment of this warrant. Be further advised that your failure to so appear shall trigger a review of your security-clearance suitability in proceedings before the U. S. Court of Public Opinion.

SUBMITTED BY: Larry W. Bryant (and by anyone else desiring to join
this public-service effort).