Stop the Current Plan for LAX Expansion

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    Mayor Hahn, Board of Airport Commissioners, Los Angeles Citywide Planning Commission, Los Angeles City Council
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    Alliance For A Regional Solution to Airport Congestion
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The City of Los Angeles is breaking the promises it made to the communities surrounding Los Angeles International Airport by moving forward with an expansion plan that does not limit airport capacity and fails to adequately address overall safety and security. The airport expansion plan submitted by the City ignores more than 3,000 public comments submitted during the review process, and is a slap in the face to the people and neighborhoods of Los Angeles and the South Bay.

We the undersigned petition the following:

1. That Mayor Hahn and the Board of Airport Commissioners delay consideration and revise the plan to address the concerns raised by the public, and make appropriate changes to specifically address the following:

Create gate reductions to provide enforceable constraints that will guarantee airport capacity at 78 million annual passengers;
To provide a new approach to security that is not disruptive to the community and excessively expensive;
Examine alternative ways to address the issues of the southern runway;

2. If no such alterations are made, we respectfully request that the Los Angeles Citywide Planning Commission, the Board of Airport Commissioners, and the Los Angeles City Council reject the Final Environmental Impact Report, and reject Alternative D and all the previously proposed alternatives for the LAX Master Plan.