Rights of Professional and Amateur Photographers

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    Australian State and Federal Politicians
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This is a petition to represent the concerns of all professional and amateur photographers within Australia.

We are concerned by suggestions raised in a Federal Parliament working committee that suggest public places should become "camera free zones". (Sunday Telegraph 11 March 2007)

The reasoning behind this suggestion relates to the recent incidents involving sneak cameras, in particular mobile phones and hidden cameras. As serious photographers we take great offence at having our hobby and/or livelihoods placed into disarray at the actions of a small minority. As a group we fully support any action taken to prevent these "sneak photos" which are a blatant invasion of a person's privacy.

By signing this petition we are requesting the following points be considered by this or any future working committee or legislative group, within State or Federal Parliament:

1. That the rights of legitimate photographers as members of the community be given precedence over the rights of small minority groups.
2. That in all future working committees or discussion groups, fair and appropriate representation from photography groups and clubs be included.
3. That any future legislation, whether offence or machinery sections, clearly indicates that the rights of serious photographers to photograph in public places, including beaches, are not to be affected by any such legislation.

We urge our elected representatives to take these points into consideration and represent all members of the community, including photographers.

(note to those signing this petition - please elect to have your email address available to the author or public to enable further updates on this matter. Thank you.)