Get Australia / New Zealand a Planetside Server

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    Sony Online Entertainment
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    people living in Australia / New Zealand that wishes to play Planetside
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Dear Sony Online Entertainment

We, the Australian / New Zealander people who wish to play Planetside at a decent ping, would like to request a Planetside world to be loated within eastern Australia, to provide those in oceania with a decent Planetside experience, not the lagging effect form our closest (least hops) worlds, those being johari and markov.

According to there are 4.6 million internet users in Australia, and only 350 000 of those users are on broadband, most likely because of broadbands high pricing in Australia, this dosent offer many users a chance to experience Planetside on a modem over to the west coast of America.

This petition is to show that there is a strong support group in Australia/New Zealand that wishes to play Planetside, noting that there have been no real forms of advertising for this game, we have "come across" this game and wish to be able to play it.
Some of us have been waiting years to experience Planetside, but upon release in Australia were dissappointed to know that they cannot buy it for the worlds being (hop-wise) too far off.