Investigate Harry Palmer's Avatar Cult ( a.k.a. Star's Edge International)

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    Florida Governor Jeb Bush
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Governor Bush, the undersigned wish to alert you of a major international scam operation based in Florida. We urgently request that you order the appropriate regulatory and law enforcement agencies to investigate and prosecute those responsible.

Star's Edge International has its headquarters in the Orlando, Florida metropolitan area. For specific details, see the company's promotional website: For critical details, see:

This Delaware corporation is registered as a for-profit enterprise selling a series of courses under the trademark "Avatar." The courses are described as "personal development education." In reality, Star's Edge is a quasi-religious cult with roots in Scientology.

* The founder and sole owner of Star's Edge, Harry Palmer, operated a Church of Scientology Mission in Elmira, New York for 15 years. After he was excommunicated in 1986, he soon introduced the Avatar Course.
* Palmer claimed the course resulted from revelations gained during a prolonged series of "sensory deprivation" sessions in a flotation tank. He promoted the course to former Scientologists as providing "the entire span of the Scientology bridge, the Buddhic path and beyond."
* Over the past decade, Palmer has broadly advertised himself as an educational psychologist. This unlicensed imposture as a health care professional is a felony in Florida and throughout the US. In truth, Palmer never received a degree in psychology, and has never held any credential or license as a psychologist. His college degree was in secondary education, and he was certified in New York to teach high school English.
* The basic Avatar Course consists of mental processes that induce a state of hypnotic trance. They are similar to those taught in Scientology, Raja yoga, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Buddhist meditation, among other practices. Yet the materials are represented as "confidential," and students are required to sign a nondisclosure agreement that defines them as unpublished trade secrets.
* Avatar Course trainers engage in mental manipulation by indoctrinating vulnerable students into the belief that the Avatar "network" is key to creating an Enlightened Planetary Civilization that holds the key to solving the woes of mankind.

* Star's Edge and its licensees recruit students for a nine-day course to become "Masters" (individual trainers) licensed to deliver the basic Avatar Course. The conditions of full licensure are not fully disclosed beforehand.
* Successful graduates receive a "provisional license." They are required to pay internship fees for an indefinite period until they become "qualified" by Star's Edge. Meanwhile, they are pressured to take successive trainer courses.
* Qualification requirements are arbitrary and unpublished. The licensing contract allows Star's Edge unilaterally to revoke any license issued, without explanation or recourse.
* Trainers are pressured to fix fees for the basic Avatar Course at the full "suggested" amount. This practice violates fair trade and competition regulations in virtually every jurisdiction worldwide where the Avatar Course is offered by independent licensees.
* The licensing scheme is a pyramidal multilevel marketing operation with the primary objective of selling successive courses for the financial benefit of Star's Edge, rather than providing a viable business opportunity for licensees. As a result, the vast majority of those who completed the Master course have since failed and given up on teaching Avatar as a business.

* Although Palmer falsely advertises himself as a psychologist, most of his works (including those registered as published) are claimed to be confidential, and have never been subjected to peer review.
* During the top-level Wizard course (which costs $7,500) Palmer reveals to students that they are infested with multiple possessive spirits or "entities." These are similar to the implanted "body thetans" of Scientology lore.
* Palmer has stated that these entities are the true cause of fatal illnesses, including AIDS and cancer. Their influence is said to be responsible for psychotic breaks that may occur during the basic Avatar Course.
* As a result, Avatar Masters who have taken the Wizard Course sometimes spread unfounded rumors of miracle cures. Many claim that taking the Avatar Course(s) will enable students to cure themselves of various medical conditions, including bipolar disorder. This amounts to a fringe religious doctrine akin to those expounded by Scientology, Christian Science, the Jehovah's Witnesses, Voodoo and other groups that practice faith healing.
* On the Wizard Course, students finally learn that Palmer is a sort of New Age messiah. This is the culmination of a progressive indoctrination into an occult belief system. It all began with the deceptive promise that the Avatar Courses only enabled students to examine and restructure their own personal and religious beliefs.

THEREFORE, the undersigned demand that Harry Palmer and Star's Edge be investigated by the Florida Board of Psychology, the Florida Department of Health, and the Florida Attorney General for the felonies of unlicensed activity of health professions (psychology and medicine), the operation of an illegal multilevel marketing operation, and violation of other applicable state and federal trade regulations.