Save US from Paris Hilton!

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    Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governer of California
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Whereas Ms. Paris Hilton, unduly celebrated "actress" and singer, has shown blatant disregard for the laws of our state and to those of good taste in general, she has proven herself to be a clear and present danger. The threat that Ms. Hilton poses is not limited to the roadways of California, but extends to the cultural welfare of our nation.

To the current petition to have her sentence lifted, we, the undersigned, respond with an adamant NO! We further suggest that 45 days is insufficient punishment, and that her attempt to use public sentiment to escape justice is inexcusable.

In the light of her brazen criminality and arrogance before the law, we request that you use your authority as Governor of the great state of California to implement the death penalty.

We are aware of the opposition that could arise and the political issues that you would have to consider. In response, we would point out that the fact alone that she is Paris Hilton outweighs all political and legal considerations as well as any arguments in her defense.

I can further assure you that this is truly a non-partisan matter. Concerned citizens from all points of the political spectrum will come together in their effort to protect the current and future generations from the negative influence of unwarranted and undeserved celebrity.

It is with level heads and in full cognizance of the finality of this drastic measure that we implore you to once and for all put an end to the crime against humanity that is the career of Ms. Paris Hilton.

Its time to draw the line!

Death Penalty for Paris Hilton!