Hire Wally Backman

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    New York Mets
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We, the undersigned fans of the New York Mets, request that the management of Sterling Mets LP make every effort to hire Wally Backman to coach in the Mets organization.

Wally Backman is a 1986 World Champion NY Met and has been a succesful manager in the minor leagues, having won 3 league championships and been named manager of the year 3 times. He has also had a hand in developing quality young MLB players, including Dan Uggla, Aaron Rowand, Conor Jackson, Carlos Quentin and Miguel Olivo.

Backman's legal problems are well-known and he has paid the price for them. Moreover, those issues are no worse than several other former and current coaches and managers at the MLB and minor league levels. Since his legal problems are nearly a decade old, it is time to give him another chance in affiliated baseball.

We believe his history as a New York Met coupled with his outstanding minor league track record would make him a great fit for a coaching job somewhere in the Mets organization. Do the right thing and give Wally Backman a second chance in affiliated baseball.