Dancing with the Stars

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TO: President of ABC
Head of Primetime Programming
Executives, Producers and Directors of Dancing with the Stars
Judges of Dancing with the Stars

How obvious can it be that this show was rigged from the start. One of your own employees, no less.

You (ABC/Disney) ought to be ashamed. Do you really think people can't see through it?

I can't believe I spent so much time getting involved with it, and rooting for the other dancers. Then the worst ones win. And it becomes obvious that it was all rigged from the start.

What a disgusting piece of junk.

I was going to watch next season. But now I definitely won't.

I was hoping to see John O'Hurly host next season. But now I hope he doesn't. He was totally screwed over by ABC.

And another thing. Your little "winner" and her lack of clothing made us question the morals of your network. You put Playboy models on primetime in miniscule costumes that might as well be invisible. All they do is wiggle around, and you give them the highest scores.

You have some really sick individuals running your programming. What you did gives some very wrong messages to the public. It says the one who does the best job doesn't necessarily win. It says that ballroom dancing is about wiggling your butt and wearing next to nothing. It says that you can rig votes to make it unfair. It says you can use sex to get what you want.

I'm sad about the messages that are going out, especially to young people, tonight.

The music stunk, the costumes were awful, the worst dancers won, the best dancers lost, the public vote was totally skewed, probably miscounted, and your automated voting systems didn't work, causing lost votes for some performers.

Totally, totally unfair and disgusting.

Don't even bother again.

We won't be watching ABC anymore.