Petition against the release of Left 4 Dead 2

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Valve releases a Left 4 Dead 2 only a year after the original game was released, leaving us to pay another 50 bucks for updates they promised we would get for free to the ORIGINAL game. Instead we get the same game, just with new characters and another setting, but still fundamentally the same game. And only a year after the release of the first game.

Points at note here are:

1. It is still far too early to be speaking of a sequel. A year between the first game and its sequel is a real record time, not giving people enough time to feel bored with the old game, or giving enough time to get it developed enough to be balanced. Give it more time before releasing
2. People aren't willing to spend another 50 bucks for fundamentally the same game in another shell, especially if they were promised many of the updates for the original game for FREE.
3. The new updates in the sequel could just as well fit in as a free update to the original game, as noted above. There is no point in creating a new game just for these updates, especially if the original game is less than a year old.
4. Valve is starting to act like EA, which is a bad, bad sign. And it's true that EA is behind the publishing of Steam games recently. And we all know that EA are responsible for milking out money of every franchise. This could all be something along those lines. After all, it's EA.

If you find any of these points to be true, then SIGN this petition! If enough people sign, maybe we can get our voices heard by Valve!