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Ban the Daily Mail!

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    The Daily Mail
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    UK gamers (courtesy Preys-World)
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We, the good citizens of the United Kingdom, and in particular the nation's gamers, have had enough of one particular tabloid newspaper that we believe is responsible for spreading damaging and dangerous misinformation, as well as containing terrible right-wing propaganda.
Furthermore this newspaper has recently made clear its plans to endanger the right of people in the UK to take part in legitimate entertainment enjoyed by millions globally.
This newspaper is the Daily Mail.
With its hysterical and knee-jerk suggestion that all videogames that contain content passing even the faintest resemblance to violence should be banned, the Daily Mail has enraged gamers country-wide. This is not the first time that the Mail has reacted in such a way, and we fear it may not be the last.
The solution?
Why, we should ban the Daily Mail, of course!
Let us face the facts: as well as blasting games for problems that are completely unrelated to them, the Daily Mail is full of general nonsense and sensationalist scare-mongering. Misinformation in the Mail can endanger the well-being and financial security of the general public.
These claims are no more absurd than blaming videogames for murder.
Sign up for a Daily Mail ban, today!