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Statement and An Open Letter
to the Berlin Senate and the district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
In a few weeks, the planned forced eviction of Bar25 threatens to rob Berlin of one of its most unique localities. Where up to now, parties, laughter, music and good food could be found on the banks of the Spree, there are plans to flatten and shut down what we have come to love. According to the BSR (Berlin Municipal Sanitation), space must be made for real estate speculation by creative and media businesses of a nebulous nature. We as creative citizens, artists and musicians consider this decision to be a rash and fatal one.

Bar25 is an important place for Berlin's creative inhabitants and visitors.

With it exists an exceptional stage for countles international musicians and artists: a place for encounters and networking, and a laboratory for new ideas. Lively creative enterprise exists here already it doesn't need to be artificially produced.

Bar25 is important for the city of Berlin.

It is from here that Berlin's reputation as an international platform for artists and creative people is carried out into the world. Our friends in Barcelona, London, Zurich and New York congratulate us on the place we have created, for the new perspectives that it provides. We should take their sentiments seriously. Berlin's opportunities should be maintained and developed for as long as possible.

No investor exhibiting a credible commitment has been found thus far. Nonetheless, the planned eviction of Bar25 at year's end is meant to hastily establish facts.

Hence we call upon the Senate and the district to respond to Bar25's dialogue proposals, and to secure a 2009 season.


PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION BELOW, incl. your name, ZIP code (PLZ) and country.
We ask for this to demonstrate the international appreciation for Bar25 and to help the judge's decision on Dec. 12.
Thank you!


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Notes: Als Deutscher darf man dies selbstverstaendlich auch unterschreiben. Die entsprechende deutsche Fassung des Offenen Briefes gibt es auf der Bar25 Webseite
This is not a Berlin-specific petition. If you have love Bar25, but live elsewhere now, then you should still sign the petition and demonstrate your appreciation and support. Otherwise we might be gone next time you visit. Oh my.