BA to Stop Offering Daily Mail on Its Flights

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    Management of British Airways UK
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British Airways have long been offering us, their customers, a free copy of the Daily Mail when we travel on their domestic flights all over Britain.

Respectfully, we would ask British Airways to look at the article by Jan Moir in the Daily Mail, available online here:

We would also ask that British Airways listen to the pained voices of so many people, many like me also BA customers, who are hurting today, the day of Ms Moir's victim, Stephen Gately's funeral.

You can enter the search term "Jan Moir" in Google and "#janmoir" in Twitter to review the great volume of negative response to this.

Please, reconsider your partnership and close association with this insensitive publication, and we ask that you stop offering free copies of the Daily Mail to us, your customers, on your flights.