Bring Back Burtons' Fish and Chips!

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    Burton's Food
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In the industry I work in, I recently spoke to an employee at Burton's Foods. As some of you may know, Burtons were until a few years ago, manufacturers of my favourite not-quite crisp-not-quite-biscuit snack food called FISH AND CHIPS. I asked him why Burtons no longer make my favourite snack, as a lot of people I know really liked them. He said demand was low, but if I could show the Production Manager at the Burton's factory that demand is still good then the Burton's factory would be more than happy to start up production again. Also with the current trend in so called 'retro snacks' I can't think of a better time for this petition! So people, its time to vote with your taste buds and show Burtons that they should never have stopped making them!

If you agree with me that Burton's FISH AND CHIPS crisps should return please sign this petition and I will forward the results 6 months from now (31/03/20007) to Burtons Factory. Tell a friend!